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-26th April 2003, 18:16
Hi all

I'm a sabreur and occasional foilist when I feel like a change.

Also a final year law student, which would explain why I am spending so much time online trying to find something to do that is not revision!

I have been fencing for about 10 years, started at school. got into competing at sabre nearly 5 years ago and kept going. I think I kind of enjoy being legally able to hit someone over the head with a lump of metal!

Oops, fueling the sabre stereotype again

Am attempting to give up drinking too much on middle day of competitions - the memory of my Winton Hangover is too painful

-26th April 2003, 18:47
did you do this years winton?

-26th April 2003, 18:50
Three recurring themes

-avoiding revision by posting on this board (just see how may posts I've made!!)
-drinking far too much
-being an aggressive neanderthal sabreur

Keep up the good work.

PS Hi!

-27th April 2003, 15:13
If you're trying to give up excessive aytime drinking, then this is a bad place to be... however, it's a great place o be when avoiding nasty icky revision :)


-29th April 2003, 16:39
Yes I did this year's winton, for the East Mids.

The memory is still painful especially the 5-4 losses. The one time when losing 5-0 is better than 5-4 is when you're hungover. Too much effort for no result!

NLSC Sabreur
-8th May 2003, 16:20