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-15th November 2003, 14:45
I've done a bit of fencing at Uni where I was always told to keep my foil in a kit bag when in public. I wondered if anyone could answer me this question:

Are those people who have carry their epee / foil /sabre in public view (ie not in a bag) currently breaking the law?

Bear in mind that, in legal terms:

An 'Offensive weapon' is defined as "any article made OR ADAPTED for causing injury to the person". This obviously includes instruments with a blade or a sharp point.

Even with their spring-tipped points, even a foil would appear to come within the definition of an offensive weapon since it could be an article capable of causing injury to the person.

Do Clubs and Retailers have a duty to advise their members to carry their weapon in an equipment bag?

What has your experience been? Do you know anyone who might answer this question conclusively?

Thanks in advance

-15th November 2003, 14:58
May stand corrected later, but given that a foil/ epee or sabre is made for the purpose of fencing, it does not fall under the definition of the act. If the end of the blade is snapped off leaving a sharp point which is meant to cause injury it could be defined as being adapted to cause injury. This leaves the final possibility for the offence of possession of an offensive weapon, an object carried with the intention of causing injury (thing neither made nor adapted for that purpose (e.g baseball bat). This has to be proven. However, an uncovered foil, epee or sabre could look like it is being carried for that purpose leading to trouble with the police which would probably not be fun

However, I would have thought that even when covered in a bag fencing kit might be capable of falling foul of the law if you intended to use it to cause injury to someone.

However, it is generally advisable to carry fencing kit in a bag when in public

(I am currently a LPC student and being I saddo, I was wondering about fencing kit while I was in a class discussing the offence of possession of an offensive weapon.)

-15th November 2003, 17:19
Maybe it's just me, but I do find it deeply confusing when people start the same thread in two different places, leading to two separate discussions.

Can they somehow be merged into one? (Gav? Kenny?)

-17th November 2003, 11:16
found it pretty ok to carry weapons about town.

Dismantle sabre, put guard in pocket along with any connectors, dongly bits , etc. carry blade down high street.

people (my parents) think "why is he carrying a radio ariel" [quote from my stepfather]

reassemble when at club , and hurt people.

-18th November 2003, 09:15
The blade, being longer than a certain length (3"?) needs to be covered when in public. Strangely, though, it is enough to cover it with a neck tie.

-19th November 2003, 21:30
One of the guys i train with is a policeman and i asked him what the deal is with carrying these things around.
He said that as long as you were travelling to or from a fencing related event and as such you had a good reason to be carrying such items you would be ok.
Obviously if you took it to a nightclub you would raise a few eyebrows, and raise the question what plausible reason could you have for doing so.
I guess the reality is to be sensible with it. I walked past a couple of policemen once with a sabre and foil unprotected in full view but carrying them half way along the blade (my excuse would have been taking them from the student union s sports lockup to the sports hall) and they said nothing except "it's D'Artagnan!!!" If i had been waving them around it probably would have been a different story.