View Full Version : Winton Fencers Alert!!

Linda L
-5th August 2008, 06:34
Hope you recieved the email pointing you to the hotel/dinner/lunch and t shirt order form.
Please fill in ASAP as the t shirts and lunch are order only. And very lovely they are too.

http://www.veterans-fencing.co.uk/ latest news for details.

See you in Sept
North West _dont have any orders for lunches from you lot as yet?

No food on site unles pre ordered.


late starter
-5th August 2008, 20:05
Put mine in the post today.

The t-shirts look good.

See you there.


-5th August 2008, 20:19
My forms are in the post too and should be with you soon. Looking forward to getting the t-shirt :)

See you next month.


Linda L
-6th August 2008, 05:59
Thanks Guys-t shirts are being printed to order and distributed on the first day 13th Saturday.

Should all be fun

Robert-got your cheque today,thanks.