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Jan O'C
-6th August 2008, 03:33
We are in Hong Kong and had hoped to visit the guys in Macau today (plus a bit of sightseeing there too) however we are unfortunately confined to the hotel unless we want to be blown away or drowned by the Force 8 typhoon that hit this area over night. Macau apparently has it worse than HK!

We've tried to phone Alex but can't get through so no definite news from Macau - anyone know more than we do?

All ferries are cancelled until further notice along with buses, trams etc and without the ferry we can't get to Macau but more to the point, Team GB can't get off of Macau! Forecast is looking a bit better for tomorrow so fingers crossed that Alex and the sabre crew can make it to Beijing in time for the Opening Ceremony along with various other sports who are planning the same.

-6th August 2008, 09:22
Hi Jan - Radio 4 said (so it must be true) that the wind will not be so high....tomorrow. Big concerns about the equestrian events in HK apparently, but they have indoor facilities.

Not so lovely here either...small if any consolation, I know. Good luck !!

-6th August 2008, 09:33
A storm has caused the suspension of training for British athletes and disrupted preparation for the Olympic equestrian events in Hong Kong.
Tropical storm Kammuri brought heavy rain and strong winds to Macau, where Team GB's holding camp is based.
British heptathlete Kelly Sotherton said the squad was told to stay inside.
Meanwhile, the arrival of two planes carrying 24 show jumping horses from China, America and the United Arab Emirates was delayed.
All are expected to arrive in Hong Kong, ready for the competition which starts on Saturday, as soon as the weather clears.
"It will weaken gradually by Saturday," Leung Wing-mo, a senior scientific officer with the Hong Kong observatory said. "If anything, a trough of low pressure will just bring showers."
Sotherton, a bronze medallist in Athens four years ago, said the conditions were frustrating for the athletes.
"We can't leave the hotel because when there's a typhoon at this Level 8 all the transport is cancelled, so unfortunately we are all holed up in a hotel," she said.

http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/shared/img/o.gif OLYMPICS BLOG
The shops are shut and transport is not running... Everyone has to stay indoors (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/olympics/2008/08/inside_the_eye_of_the_storm_in.html)

Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes

"It's similar to a hurricane and it's not as bad as it has been but it's torrential rain and high winds. "We are right by the coast so the sea is very rough. I think there are a lot of people bouncing off the walls already here.
"You can't do anything about it, but it's something that happens and affects everybody. I'm not too bothered about it because I could do with the day off."
A Team GB spokesman said contingency plans had been made in case of bad weather.
"It's not a huge issue. It was something that was accounted for," said Graham Newsom.
"We're making the best use of the indoor facilities and some sports have decided to use this as a rest day so they have shuffled their schedules a little bit."
The storm brought disruption to the area, shutting offices, courts and financial markets. The wet weather also closed outdoor equestrian training facilities.
"The main problem will be the fact everyone has to stay indoors," said the BBC's Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes in Hong Kong.
"Horses like a bit of outside space and if they cannot be exercised properly, they could get restless and agitated."
Team GB vet Jenny Hall said all the horses were very calm, reported BBC equestrian presenter Clare Balding.
"It's a little bit noisy in the stables because there were some trees banging against the walls but it's comfortable in there and the horses are all peaceful," said Balding.
"It has meant that they weren't able to train this morning (Wednesday) and that presents a few new challenges along with the challenges we already had with the heat and the humidity.
"I've heard the storm is due to have disappeared by the end of today - so the eventing should still start on time on Saturday morning.
"There are days built into the schedule to allow for typhoons and there are two more forecast before the end of August so the team will have to remain adaptable. "

Jan O'C
-7th August 2008, 05:53
All clear here now - in fact weather is very nice (typical). We didn't get to Macau to see the boys yesterday as it was about 8pm before ferries resumed but apparently they flew out of Macau this morning so should be in beijing soon. We leave shortly from HK.

We met some of the equestrian ladies in Stanley on Tuesday and they were lovely. Biggest concern seems to be the change in surface for the eventing due to the rainfall even though the course has great drainage. Good luck to them and to all GB athletes (especially our 3 fencers).