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-9th August 2008, 10:14
Well the US is on form... Jacobson, Zagunis and Ward all in the semi-finals, with the French (who I was thinking would be the team to push the US the most in the team event) having a disastrous day all going out in the L32. Tan out in the L8... what are the US feeding these girls???

Wish I could find it on the telly... am having to make do with men in leotards instead. Has anyone seen any of it?

Hope Dave is doing us proud and getting some good run outs too!

-9th August 2008, 21:45
hi sweetness


go to highlights by sport and you'll get a highlights package of WS.

I picked Perrus to win...having met the French WS coach and being blown away by his talent I can't comprehend their results

anyway, I thought, on the whole, it was a good advert for WS...compared to where the sport was in Athens, the quality is a huge step up.

-10th August 2008, 13:12
Not having too bad a time thanks ugly bug. Did last 16 in women's sabre and have done some men's epee wonders never cease.

USA were indeed too strong for anyone else. Not sure what happened to French Team although Perrus losing to Bebes was a complete shock.

Forgot to say that after my two appearances as side judge in 3rd place match and final have now declared myself the worlds best side judge. Ha ha.

Honestly though the set up for the olympics is amazing. We are lucky that we have been given the opportunity to see it on home turf in 4 years time.


-10th August 2008, 17:10
thanks boys - and congratulations Dave, especially on the ME(!) Do you know the rules yet? Hope you're having lots of fun. Which L16 did you do?

I found that site Marcos has put up just in time for the second semi. Is a real disadvantage being second semi - only ten minutes to get over disappointment to then fight for bronze, but Ward managed it. Was a little disappointed with the final - more one-sided than I was expecting.

Favourite WS picture on bottom of this page