View Full Version : Winton Fencers-Running order on the Web

Linda L
-9th August 2008, 10:26
Dear all

The Full details of the Veterans Winton Cup are now on the NVA web site-under latest news.
Here you will find Directions to the Venue
Order forms for t -Shirts, Lunches and Gala Dinner.
And MOST importantly- the Piste running order for the event.

Take a look and see why we need you to run on time!!
If you spot any errors please get back to me ASAp...
regards see you all soon

-9th August 2008, 17:21
It all looks very impressive, well done all who helped put it together.

Incidentally, would it help to bring any equipment such as spools, boxes, etc?

Linda L
-9th August 2008, 17:57
hi Max

Just bring yourselves in good time and a willingness to help set up! We have Leon Paul bringing the boxes, hopefully we are sourcing the metalic pistes as I type.
oo and help Sunday so we can all get away in good time.......
see you soon

-9th August 2008, 20:19
Running??? Noone mentioned we would have to do running...

Linda L
-10th August 2008, 06:43
Join the Vets and see the world Kid- you indeed WILL be running - between

rounds-have you read the RUNNING ORDER!!!!!!!!