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-15th November 2003, 19:50
Dear All,

The Whitgift LPJS will be held on Saturday 13th December (epee) and Sunday 14th december (ind and team sabre).

The venue is Beverley School, College Lane, New Malden, Surrey. It is just off the A3 and near Tolworth Junction.

The entry forms are on the BFA Web Page.

Hope to see you there.


-16th November 2003, 14:13
Thanks, Keith - just trying to sus out somewhere to stay on Friday night now...don't want to drive................:(

-18th November 2003, 12:00
Hi there PM1.

You can stay with us in Dartford, not far from the venue if you want.

John (Son) cannot make Whitgift as he was picked for the Speedo final (swimming) on the Saturday night. Swimming Club has forbiden him to fence that day!

Made it to Millfield for the Bath LPJS where John told me he had "popped" his back again during his cross country run on Saturday (he officially has a slipped disk!). Nearly killed him as I had driven for 3 hours to get there!!

However, did some wheelchair fencing without the wheelchair (didn't move his feet much but had, for some reason, the most excellent point control). The only "bout" he lost was the final 15/13 so perhaps he ought to fence stationary more often!!

Take care, Bye

-18th November 2003, 20:57
What a very kind lady you are !! this I know anyway....will pm you later::grin:

-17th December 2003, 11:28
quick question - is LPJS open to solely British fencers?

We have some kids who go up to the junior comps in Northern Ireland, but if a few wanted to go over to the UK for a LPJS could they?

3 Card Trick
-17th December 2003, 14:20
LPJS open to all, but you'll have to travel from further away to get he prize for longest distance travelled, that goes to a lass from Tasmania.