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-16th November 2003, 03:31
Name's Nev, Wolves Uni fencing, final year.

I'm here entirely by accident, I had no idea this place existed. It's a funny story actually...

anyone who recognises me might remember I do engineering, and this being my final year I have a dissertation to make up (I mean research)

Originally it was going to be prosthetic knees, then I saw how much work had already been done in the field and decided it wasn't really gonna work out, then I thought something train related...but its not really a subject of any great fascination for me, so wouldn't you know it I came back to the one thing that has had my full and (mostly) undivided loyalty for the last 4 years of uni life...fencing.

It all started with a module that demanded we create a cool new product and market it, including a report on how we would manufacture and sell it, finance, business plan etc. I hate this module, I hate it with a pssion I normally reserve for marmite and moths (don't ask), but I need the grade to get my degree so I managed to get the team to go with my idea (by virtue of them not being able to think of anything else to counter it) and make an all-new grip :D

easier said than done....a LOT easier said than done

anyways, I've been trawling what little fencing resources there are on the web looking for random stuff that might be useful, and came upon this forum.

So Hi y'all :D

-16th November 2003, 16:22

:party: :party: :party:

-16th November 2003, 17:31
Thanks :D

-16th November 2003, 17:48
Hmmmn, not being good at this type of theory, I'd say thirteen...

1-8 and circular?

-16th November 2003, 17:58
Originally posted by Aoife
Hmmmn, not being good at this type of theory, I'd say thirteen...

1-8 and circular?

good idea.....but I'm talking about just simple parries, whereas circulars are (I think) complex actions where u go from one parry into another with a circular motion and sometimes the parry comes full circle (is that a oun?) and ends up where it started.

however I'm intrigued as to what you were considerring as the other parries, ie what circular parries are there?

-16th November 2003, 19:56
There are 9 parries:


These are either pronated or supinated parries and can be executed laterally/circular/semi-circular/diagonally

The repostes from these parries can be simple or compound depending on distance.

Simple repostes being direct/disengage/counter disengage/ or coupe.

etc. etc. etc.

Basic fencing theory that all fencers should learn on the basic/intermediate course.......

-16th November 2003, 20:41
The number of parries depends on who taught you and which weapon you want to talk about.

Classically Foil and Epee have 8. 1 point up and one point down on each side of the target multiplied by 2 because the theorists distingush between pronated and supinated hand positions.
This gives Prometheus Prime, Second, Tierce, Quarte, Quinte, Sixte, Septime, and Octave. The ninth parry Neuvieme depends very much on who's talking - at epee this term was used for a step back out of distance.

Sabre classically has only 6 parries Prime, Second, Tierce, Quarte, Quinte, and Sixte, though Sixte is, I understand, both obscure and redundant being a mirror image of Quinte.

-16th November 2003, 22:21
I was talking foil

anyways, here's another one for ya....

How many types of grip are there?

-17th November 2003, 09:11
By grip you mean the handle of the weapon not the manner of holding the weapon?

If the former then you need Steve's assistance, he's an expert on armoury trivia. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dave Hillier
-17th November 2003, 10:00
hello Nev

Good to see you on the board.


-17th November 2003, 16:30
heya Dave, how's things in the land of obscure prog rock? :grin:

-18th November 2003, 13:55
When I said 1-8 + circular = 13 parries please bear in mind my maths isn't my hot point :)

((even though I was still wrong in the end!))