View Full Version : So if I had an ideea about a new grip......

-16th November 2003, 03:38
...Which involved stealing and old design and recycling it slightly (cos I'm too lazy to come up with anything innovative on my own -seriously tho, u try re-inventing the wheel) by using a bog standard "teardrop" shape and cutting the quillions down s that they don't break the guard profile, would it be legal?

-16th November 2003, 21:52
I'm confused, can you post a sketch?

-16th November 2003, 22:25
How do I do that? I have a few prelims I was messing with, and one of them will probably do to illustrate the point, but if u just want a look at the general idea of what I'm lookin at there's a pic on this webpage http://www.loveleaf.net/ts/163.html

-16th November 2003, 22:28
forgot to mention, teardrop refers to the shape of the grip, with the fat end of the drop being closer to the guard