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-21st August 2008, 19:20
Dear All,

I have been doing some calculations.

Of the sports who have won medals in Beijing (as of today) they have received approximately 160million in funding and with 40 medals won this equates to about 4million per medal but different sports cost vastly different this time per medal.

Rowing approx 4.25million per medal (total 22million)
Canoeing 13.6million for their medal (total 13.6million)
Gymnastics 9million for their medal (9million)
Equestrian 5.5million per medal (11.7million)
Sailing 3.6 million per medal (22.2 million)
Cycling is fantastic this time at about 1.57 million per medal (22.15 million)

Cycling has also got a pupose built velodrome after the Manchester Commonwealth games and their PD reduced the number of people on the cycling programme by 50% to about 24 as he felt the others were not committed. This is about 900,000 per person!!! Cycling has a national centre funded by HM Govt as does sailing and rowing. Rowing's centre was built by Lottery funding at Eton and will host the Olympic Rowing in 2012.

All of these sports have had lottery funding since it was introduced and so have had 2 Olympiads to prepare and improve. Remember in Atlanta GBR won 1 Gold medal in total and so lottery funding was introduced by John Major

Of those not winning medals

Hockey 9.6million funding in 2005-9
Badminton 8.75million
Judo 6.9 million
Diving 5.87million
Triathlon 5.1million
Shooting 5million

Worth noting that Volleyball 4.1million, Basketabll 3.69 million and Water Polo 3.1million and Handball 2.9million and non qualified for the Beijing Games.

Clearly we all need to learn from the Rolls Royce sports but they have had constant funding since 2000 at least. I am sure thre BOA will want to facilitate this. Also our funding only came on line in 2006 and after so we have had a maximum of 2.5 years to produce medal winners.

I am not making excuses and we must sharpen up our act but also it is wise to look at the whole picture. I am sure that by London 2012 we will be in a much stronger position.

I am sure that UK Sport will want us to be much tougher with the fencers, coaches and Programme managers.


-21st August 2008, 20:01
Might be interesting to ask the question about how many of those sports have permanent dedicated facilities at least and a national centre of excellent at the other end of the scale. As an example when I did a search I found a list of 21 UK velodromes, 5 of which were indoor.

Barry Paul
-22nd August 2008, 15:45
If we look at say France The have central funding of 10 million a year plus local funding of another 10 million. But this is continuous funding for 20 years. They won two medals? What are the figures for Germany and Italy?

-23rd August 2008, 17:20
Olympic Funding and Medal success

I have continued today to look at Olympic Success and funding.

11 GB Sports have won medals in Beijing

17 GB sports have not won medals including in 5 sports even qualifying for the Games.

Of the 11 medal winning sports, 10 have been funded for the Sydney, Athens and now Beijing Olympic Games

Only Boxing is new to funding and received 5million for the period 2005 to 2009.

Cycling has had 36 million in total since the lottery started.
Athletics 48million
Sailing 35million
Rowing 46million
ModernPantathlon 9 million
Cannoeing 23million
Taekwando 3.8million
Gymnsatics 19million (won their first medal for 80 years in Beijing)
Equestrianism 19million
Swimming 33million

This really shows the value of sustained investmentt, increased professionalism that this allows and the long term nature of investment and success.

Best wishes,


Barry Paul
-23rd August 2008, 17:32
Fencing has been properly funded so top Fencers could train full time for two Years?

-23rd August 2008, 17:49
Dear Barry,

Formally we have had access to the funding for 21 months only prior to Beijing. This compares with 3 Olympiads for say Modern Pentathon who have been very successful indeed and won a medal at each of the last three Olympics or gymnstaics who have had funding for 3 Olympiads but have now just won their first medal.

In very simple terms it appears to cost about 3.5 million to win a medal at present and also to have at least 6 to 8 years investmnet and this is recognised formnally by Joh Steele of UK Sport.

I am sure that with sustained funding, increased experience at al levels (fencers, coiaches, support staff etc) we can deliver in London 2012 and even more significantly in 2016 too.

We want and need success in 2012 but also sustainability for our sport.