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The Second Muse
-27th April 2003, 04:16
Having only been created a short number of years ago, I am curious to see just who knows the hand signals for directing and what they think of them. Personally, I find them useful, as a spectator or the like, one doesn't need to here the director, but can still follow the calls and action by watching. It can also relate psychologically, where the mind registers the visual first....but that is of little concern.
anyway...what say you, forum-going public?

-28th April 2003, 07:39
The qualified referee's certainly 'know' the handsignals but judging from the arm waving and general confusion prevalent in competitions, the fencers realise that something is required but not the detail of such. They are a good idea and help both spectators (altho' what the dog makes of it I couldnt begin to think) and the referee.

-28th April 2003, 09:03
Just don't try to signal "the attack was short" with a clipboard in your hand. You'll end up knocking yourself out.:mad:

-28th April 2003, 12:47
I know the signals for 'en garde', 'prets?' and 'alle'. I also know the one for a simulatainous hit in epee.

But I've only been fencing a few months, and nobody's ever taught me them. I got them off the FIE website (it was in French, and my French isn't great, but I tried my damndest)

-1st May 2003, 16:33
:confused: I do believe the 'great and the good' of the referees committee are planning to do 'courses' for those as yet uninitiated in the mysteries of the arbitrage hand signals, and the rules whatever they are. Keep an eye on 'the sword' for details.:cool:

-2nd May 2003, 05:54
Take a look at this. I got it from the FIE site [www.fie.ch] while I as doing some reserach on Refereeing related matters.

It was originally a pdf but I have I it changed to a GIF for this forum. If you want in pdf goto the FIE site it's there.

The Second Muse
-2nd May 2003, 20:49
you can get that from the USFA site download section