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-11th September 2008, 18:18
Look out for fencer Sharon Whitford on the cover of the official Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) admissions handbook which is being sent out to hundreds of schools and libraries around Ireland north and south.

The handbook will be read by thousands of students and shows how far the club has come in the IT since it was started just two years ago!


-11th September 2008, 18:45
Cool, congratulations to her!

-11th September 2008, 20:39

-17th September 2008, 15:59
The guys had their freshers day and recruited 53 fencers...pretty much in line with last year

however, 35 are girls

this is a huge swing in gender split from previous years - maybe Sharon being on the cover has prompted girls to consider the sport.

(anyone got chest protectors for sale? we only have 10!)

-17th September 2008, 20:18
A good looking women clutching a sword next to the slogan "Dik is for me" I would want to go to college there as well, where do i sighn up!!!!.... Oh wait there, damn my poor eyesight and dyslexia. It reads DKIT is for me, nice promo, well done on your club!