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-18th November 2003, 03:24
Been fencing for like a year now... Decided its time to buy my own equipment. Just need to know a good site where I can buy quality for a good price. \


Pointy stick
-18th November 2003, 06:37
Er... top right hand corner of your screen when you're reading this forum... a big friendly square button marked 'Equipment'.

-18th November 2003, 07:49
This site is sponsored by Leon Paul, so it is not surprising that the equipment link goes to their on-line shop. For a more full list of equipment suppliers in the UK, try the British Fencing equipment suppliers list (http://www.britishfencing.com/equipt_suppliers.html) instead.

-18th November 2003, 14:16
You've been fencing for a year and still don't have your equipment? Does your club have equipment you can borrow or what? We don't. It's either get your own gear or footwork till you die.



-19th November 2003, 03:18
Yep they've been providing equipment... Decided it's time I actuall buy some though..lol:sam:

-19th November 2003, 11:25
I also have a reasonably sized list of equipment suppliers on my club's website. I sort of looked rond loads of places and created one huge list. I've also listed thecountries they are in. They may ship international but just so you know.

Birmingham University Fencing Club (http://students.bugs.bham.ac.uk/fencing/)

and go to the links page.

If anybody wants there fencing sites either personal or club listed there then just PM or e-mail me and i'll add them as soon as I can.

-20th November 2003, 16:06
Yep well to buy all my equipment it would cost around $70 for shipping here in the U.S.:transport :transport


Dave Hillier
-20th November 2003, 16:11
Well you didn't say you were from the states this is a (mainly) UK fencing forum. You would probably be better off asking the american forum (which also has a reviews part to it) on www.fencing.net

-20th November 2003, 16:13
Man thats seems quite good.

If you do sabre wacth out tho prizes seem to be amazingly high for electric kit, all that Lame

-20th November 2003, 19:54
Don't tell the american forum I said so but, you guys got it together a-lot better than them!:grin:

-20th November 2003, 20:53
Why thank you, Thank you very much

-22nd November 2003, 19:31
I'll have to agree, the American forum is just no-o-o-o fun! (That's why I'm here, doh!):sam: