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-18th November 2003, 12:20
Sorry for the blatant publicity, but there are a few members and potential members on the forum I'd like to reach about this!

From Wednesday 26 November Swindon Fencing Club is moving to bigger, better, brighter, newer facilities at the New College Queens Drive Campus Here's (http://www.newcollege.co.uk/images/maps/mainmap.gif) a link to a map to the new location. Or this (http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=416845&y=184312&z=1&sv=416750,184250&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf) is a bit more detailed.

The sports hall at the New College has only been recently completed, and provides the club with a larger main sports hall (with a sprung wooden floor, not concrete!), larger changing rooms and showers, secure parking, and separate secure storage for the club equipment. There's also a viewing gallery, with drinks vending machines.

The move is also coinciding with a re-launch of the club, with a new logo, tops, website etc. all in the pipeline. We will also have local press coverage (check the Evening Adver tomorrow!)

The Junior session still runs from 7-9pm (3.50), and the Senior session from 8-10pm (4.50) every wednesday. Professional coaching is provided by Shaun Garley and Glen Golding.

With the club equipment we have from recent Lottery Grants (c. 10000), and the new location, we can offer facilities on a par with most big clubs in the UK.

We are a very friendly and socail club, with varied levels of ability, so ALL are welcome!

PM me if you want more info, or visit the link in my signature.

See you there!

Publicity Secretary
Swindon Fencing Club

-18th November 2003, 12:38
I will see you there.


-18th November 2003, 15:40
wow! sounds fantastic! and really good to see a club moving onwards and upwards!!!

ive heard about you lot.

i think i might just have to pop along as well....


-18th November 2003, 16:02
And the websites been updated as well

Well some of it!


-18th November 2003, 16:14
Finally.. the important bits are up to date... working on a new one for the re-launch too.

Janus - you're not funny!! ;)

-18th November 2003, 16:33
dammit i will get up there sometime... even if the rest of my lazy ars*d epee filled club can't be bothered:tongue:
do you run any other nights though cos wednesday its a bit of a naff day to do all that travelling

-26th November 2003, 15:10
Less than 3 hours to go.

Oh I just can't wait, being lost in Swindon - one of my most favorite past times.

srb (foolishly thinking the magic roundabout was a children's TV program)

-26th November 2003, 15:18
Well I'm getting excited...! Nice hall, nice location, more storage, changing rooms... but most importantly - a Lucozade Sports vending machine! YAY! :grin:

It's easier to find than the old location, honest!

srb - I'll PM you directions if you like. Where you coming from?

-26th November 2003, 15:57
2 hours and 4mins:cool:

-2nd December 2003, 16:10
And a chocolate machine!