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-19th November 2003, 08:26
Heya, just noticed this board, thought I should introduce myself.

I'm Jon, I live near Bristol and fence at Phoenix Fencing Club and Bristol Grammar School.

I think this place is great, didn't realise one existed until I saw the add in the back of The Sword.

Anyway, good to meet you all, bye!

-19th November 2003, 16:28
Hello Jon,

hre is much to read and comment on, as you will discover, hours can be lost bringing yourself up to speed....

-20th November 2003, 21:07
Yeah and dont expect to keep your sanity its goes right out the window here (most of the time)

-20th November 2003, 22:47
Greetings !! sit back, enjoy, and have a laff......loada serious stuff too, just take your pick.

;) ;)