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-28th April 2003, 17:32
Does anyone know of any good sabre summer camps which ones would you guys recomend;)

-28th April 2003, 17:47
summer courses: milfield
thats all i can think of, and the only one i know for sure that does do sabre is milfield.

-28th April 2003, 17:52
which ones are any good which ones have you done;)

-28th April 2003, 18:12
Hi Gold

Have a look in the Tournaments section (also covers training camps). Neil Brown (good sabre coach) is organising one in Penzance.

Also, I think Lazlo Jakab (yet another good sabre coach) runs one in Durham. I don't have any details but do some more asking around and I'm sure the news will get to you.

I coached at the Millfield camp (mixed weapon camp) a couple of years ago and it's massive, with excellent facilities and plenty of coaches (Neil Brown, David Kirby, Peter Wright, I think were the sabre coaches).

I think that Peter Frohlich was the lead sabre coach at Canterbury last year (a mixed weapon camp). Again, I've no details but they should be available pretty soon if they're not out already.

So, plenty to choose from. If you've got the time and the money you can have a really busy summer.:)



Boo Boo
-28th April 2003, 18:16
There is also a course at Plenzance (http://fencingforum.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=108) and, I believe, that there is one at Stratford (you would have to ask Neil Brown/David Kirby about that) and I am sure that Lazlo does one in Durham (you would have to ask Lazlo about that...). Don't know if any of these have age restrictions or anything...

Sorry I can't give any opinions on the camps, I am only a foilist (I am just nosey, so tend to have some idea what's going on in the world... ;) ).

Good luck finding a good camp.


-28th April 2003, 20:26
Lazlo is running one, around the 20 something of august, based at Durham, about 250 residential.

The Driver
-29th April 2003, 10:52
I don't fence, merely chauffeur. However I'm reliably informed that Haverstock camp is very good. Epee only (although one foilist did turn up last year, apparently).
The Driver:kit:

Neil Brown
-29th April 2003, 23:09
I am coaching on or running 3 training camps this Summer:-

19 25 July 2003. Coach Education Course, Stratford

26 July - 1 August 2003. Penzance Summer training camp (sabre only, mainly cadet)

24 29 August 2003. Millfield Summer training camp (all weapons, all ages)

You can see details of all these by following the links under "Training" at www.fencingcoach.net

For details of other training look at http://www.britishfencing.com/camps&courses.html

Those of you who are ambitious & want to improve should aim to do at least 3 weeks of full-time training, i.e. training camps or 6+ hours a day, over the Summer, it'll make a big difference.

Hope this helps.


-30th April 2003, 11:26
Sorry Neil, but you've got a broken link there - a misplaced full stop.
Everyone, try

-4th May 2003, 12:00
There is one good training camp in Durham by Laszlo. I think you can get info from http://www.geocities.com/laszlo_jakab_fencing


-15th May 2003, 11:05
Being up in Durham...

Last week in August, Monday to Friday
260 residential inc. meals.

Need any more details, contact me and I'll put you in contact with Laszlo.

Kian Ryan
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-15th May 2003, 11:07
Ignore my post, just read the one above it - being blind again. Follow the web site into the light....


Kian Ryan
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