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-16th October 2008, 11:50
Went down to see the Olympics parade this lunchtime and after coming back still watching the end on the live BBC stream.

Saw Alex and Martina on their float, had a quick chat while they were stopped. Apparently they are going to the Palace tonight. Pretty good day all told for them then! Apparently Richard had to work and couldn't make it.

Good turnout all along the parade route, everyone cheering and clapping. Must be at least 5000 people in Trafalgar Sq.

-16th October 2008, 20:48
God what an amazing thing to be part of, Richard must have been gutted to miss. Cool that you were able to say hello, how funny would that be going through london on a float and seeing someone that you had lined up on the piste against amongst the thousand of faces!

-16th October 2008, 20:54
My son and I were down at Trafalgar square today being interviewed for Radio 5 live. It was a good day out. We met James Degale's father and got to hold his Olympic Gold medal, just to touch it sent a shiver down our spine!

Jed Beardmore

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