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-20th November 2003, 16:44
You know the recent spate of flash mobs appearing, all organised over the interweb? Here's (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3065685.stm) a link if you've not heard about this...

Well how about a fencing one?! We could ALL meet in some pre-arranged city, then await instructions... then all pile off to the city centre, and do something like fence one point for 10 seconds (no kit or anything), one person wins on a fleche and a huge "ET LA!!", then we all go our seperate ways...

Jeez, I'm bored....!

-20th November 2003, 16:50
You usually get flash mobs when the seedings for the DE goes up on the wall.

-20th November 2003, 16:52
Sounds like it could be very itneresting

-20th November 2003, 18:03
Originally posted by Peanut_UK
do something like fence one point for 10 seconds (no kit or anything)

Isn't that a bit dangerous?

Otherwise I like the idea.

My local theatre is doing Peter Pan for its Xmas panto this year, and it's being advertised with lots of mentions of swashbuckling, and pictures of Eastenders actors (who are in it, obviously) waving foils and sabres. I would love to stand outside the theatre just as everyone is coming out and do some fencing. But I can't do it on my own and I think no-one at my club would be on for it. :(

But if anyone else in the Surrey area likes the idea, let me know ;)

-20th November 2003, 21:03
You could wear a Plastron

We once started stage fighting in chester park. Can't get arrested because it is controlled not real combat. I dont know what the law on fencing would be. Im sure there has been a thread like this before

-21st November 2003, 09:48
Originally posted by Muso440
Isn't that a bit dangerous?

Otherwise I like the idea.

I mean no kit whatsoever, not even swords - just "pretend" fencing... makes it all that more bizarre...

-21st November 2003, 10:01
Hmmmm ok wouldnt we just look stupid then (i mean more stupid than we do any way)

-21st November 2003, 10:21
But that's the point... one of the flash mobs was about 50 people silently doing the conga for 30 seconds, just mouthing the words to the song. Then all stopping and wandering off. Very bizarre.

-21st November 2003, 11:54
no kit? whatsoever...?


-21st November 2003, 12:53
Public gathering are restricted in Croatia - police must approve it first, *sigh* :(



-21st November 2003, 16:20
Originally posted by Peanut_UK
I mean no kit whatsoever, not even swords - just "pretend" fencing... makes it all that more bizarre...

I think if you did it without the swords, no-one would actually realise you were 'fencing'. They would just think you were doing some bizarre dance.

-24th November 2003, 11:27

but fencing with no sword? bit stupid

lots of people don't get fencing normally anyway

if u did that in Guernsey you would end up in the cop shop, castle cornet dungeons or castel hospital!

-24th November 2003, 15:36
If I could get there, I'd be interested. It'd be a bit of a laugh. I'd say plastrons if you wanted to use swords.

-24th November 2003, 15:40
How about a group of fencers all meet at a sports hall at a predetermined time. At the stroke of 9 o'clock they all start presiding for the duration of a fencing competition, and then afterwards they all go home.

Or is that not in the spirit of things.


-26th November 2003, 10:08
hehe! this thread is makin me laff!
suposed 2 be revisin tho! lol, iv got my gcse mocks this week, argh!

the flash mobbing is so funny! i havent seen it apen yet, i tried 2 get a few of us 2 do it in a science lab, we started starin and pointin at the ceiling, it didnt really work, we just looked stupid! (more than we usually do!)

anyway go for it if its legal itd b funny!

-9th December 2003, 09:30
I think if we did it we shud all just take foils (or epees/sabres if hat's ur style) and masks, randomly walk into the middle of the city, with ur weapon as inconspicuous as possible, ur mask in a bag, then everyone puts their masks on, play a few points (make sure evryone plays against people of their weapon otherwise there will be lots of broken foils) pull the masks off and disperse again

-9th December 2003, 14:45
hehe! would be funny, there may be a few too many arrests tho, does anyone actually know if it would end in that?

o well! what do i no, im too young and innocent! haha


-9th December 2003, 14:47
or, amazing idea that really is rubbish, i once saw these flashing lights, like the ones people by at bubblegum pop concerts, and way it was like the ones everyone waves in the air, but it was like a foil, that would b cool, fencing in the dark with a flashing foil!

-10th December 2003, 19:11
i'm well up for this ya know... i'll even drive to swindon - yes i do have way too much time on my hands...
personally i think all the fencers in the uk should just get together and get very very drunk... but httas just my opinion.. and the mulled wine's really kicking in noiw...:grin:

-11th December 2003, 10:29
This sounds good. If you do it during university term time, mid-jan ish onwards then i'll be up for it. I'm in birmingham then so can easily get a train to london or most places as long as it's not too expensive cos i'm a poor student.

-9th November 2004, 00:16
Originally posted by uk_45
Sounds like it could be very itneresting

Sounds like a good way to get arrested :P