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-21st November 2003, 05:31
I just arrived 2 days ago from N.Y.C. and from what I've seen so far, I FELL INTO THE RIGHT PLACE!! I began fencing in High School, fenced for many years, and took an 8 year break to compete in track & field, and now I'm back wondering why I ever left!! There you have it a foiler, back with a vegeance!!:sam:

-21st November 2003, 10:05
You mean foilest but welcome any way please don't expect sanity.

-21st November 2003, 10:24
Or even foilist! ;)

Welcome to our little corner of the interweb.

-21st November 2003, 13:13
Hah! Now I know I've arrived. Actually I knew you were going to call me on the "foiler" thing! Hey, my school team was the Stuyvesant, (yes as in Peter) Foilers. What do I know, I'm just a time traveller from Spain, stuck for a while in N.Y.C., and ....where am I now!!??:vader:

-23rd November 2003, 18:18
Originally posted by devalleassoc
,Stuyvesant, :

bless you :tongue:

-25th November 2003, 04:09
Funny!! Was a tough school, academically speaking, even tougher when it came to fencing. we had a coach that could not spell the word "lose". (N.Y.C. champs 10yrs. in a row!) No, I was not there for 10years!!