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-21st November 2003, 09:37
Can people please all post saying how hard the Nationals are and why it's a bad idea to go to them if you've only been fencing a year. Please.

I need to talk my coach out of trying to enter me.

He's insane.

-21st November 2003, 09:52
better to go to some smaller comps first and see how you do - standared at the Nationals is very strong

however, with a name like Aoife, maybe you are elligible for the Irish Nationals (late March) - altogether a lower standared of comp!

Boo Boo
-21st November 2003, 10:08
Aoife, "Nationals" what?

There are quite a few nationals "British Senior Championship", "British Cadet/Junior Championships", "British Youth Championships".... (and probably a few I haven't thought about).

I wouldn't suggest doing the British Seniors/Junior/Cadets as an early competition, but the British Youth Championships might not be too bad. Especially since you have to qualify for the British Youth Championships via your region - the regional qualifier would be a good competition to do. If you qualify for the British Youth Championships, then it would be good to go :)

So which Nationals is it?


-21st November 2003, 10:12
Ive got a feeling the qualifiers have gone now i kno they have up here. My club has got one in WF. she one her qualifier. But there where only 2 there.

Boo Boo
-21st November 2003, 10:16
Not in all areas - I am refing at a BYC Foil qualifier this Sunday... ;)


-21st November 2003, 10:18
Ok i sit corrected

-21st November 2003, 16:27
Originally posted by Boo Boo
Not in all areas - I am refing at a BYC Foil qualifier this Sunday... ;)

Some of my club members did the qualifiers for it a few weekends ago (I'm fairly sure it was the BYC), and that's probably the same area as Aoife - south-east? (Are Surrey and Kent both in South-east?)

-21st November 2003, 16:28
Originally posted by Aoife

I need to talk my coach out of trying to enter me.

He's insane.

Aoife, even if he did insanely enter you, you wouldn't have to a) pay him back the entrance fee, b) turn up to the comp.

Refuse to do either until he lets you do some smaller-scale comps first.

-21st November 2003, 18:24
Originally posted by Muso440
(Are Surrey and Kent both in South-east?)

Yes - as well as Middlesex and Sussex. The SE U16 and U18 Foil is this Sunday in Crawley. Details are at http://scfu.homestead.com/Events_Calendar.html

The SE Epee and Sabre is at Kingston's venue (Beverley School, New Malden) on Dec 7th.

U18's born in 86 or 87, U16's in 88 or 89.

U18 Girls events usually attract only very small entries.

-21st November 2003, 18:50
Ta very much people. I'll suggest some of the smaller, nicer looking tournaments (I was thinking the Invicta sometime early next year).

Hopefully with some time to think about it he'll have realised by Monday that a) we're not too good b) we still haven't sorted out BFA affiliation and c) he was just hyperactive after our last tournament.

Sigh. I just needed people to back me up as he didn't believe me when I said the U18 Nationals would be hell. (and as secretary I feel it's my duty to talk him out of insane things :) )

Boo Boo
-21st November 2003, 22:01
No, to be honest, the U18 South Eeast Qualifiers for the nationals (since you can't do the nationals without doing the qualifiers - you have to qualify for your region) WONT be hell. I think it would be a good competition for you to do.

Although the South East is one of the toughest regions in the country, most of the top under 18 fencers wont be there - there is an international cadet competition in Germany this weekend (so most will be there instead).

To be honest, this is probably a better competition for you to do than Invicta (although Invicta is good too :) ) - the standard should be lower and you will be fencing people your own age. Also, you could qualify for the under 18 event at the British Youth Championships - which would be excellent fun :)

So if you have the kit and the transport and the time and the enthusiasm - go along :)


-22nd November 2003, 11:25
Couldn't do anything other than agree with Boo - go and fence your own age group first at a regional comp - you will learn tons, even if you don't qualify for the BYC finals in January.

Nothing to do with your club being affiliated to BFA - as long as you have BFA membership (and you can join on the day), and you live and/or belong to a fencing club in that region, you qualify for the regional event. And it looks like you'd get to meet Boo, too !!!!

G'Waaaarn - give it a thrash.................!!!!;) ;) Good luck !!!

Boo Boo
-22nd November 2003, 13:26
I wouldn't get to meet Aoife this weekend: I am refing in the South West, she - if she goes to the competition - would be fencing in the South East.

Still, I might get the pleasure of meeting Aoife if she qualifies for the BYCs in January - looks very much like I will be refing there then.

Sorry to gang up on you (with PM1 AND your coach), Aoife, but it would be an excellent competition for you to do. Would be good if your coach took a bunch of people from your club to do it - it would be a good introduction to competitions outside of your club.

I am very much in favour of coaches encouraging and taking along groups from their clubs to this sort of competition and to the Englaish Youth Championships too (sadly now gone for this year already) - its good for their students, its good for the competition, and its good for the other fencers in the competition (more people and more variety to fence!)

Hope that we have managed to convince you :)


-22nd November 2003, 13:49
You were suppose to be putting me off darnit! :grin:

I don't know about this year's round of tournaments, maybe next year's. However much I do sort of want to give it a go, the prospect of trying to organise it makes me think it'll be easier to start organising now for next year. If the club gets BFA affiliation does that mean all the club members can enter tournaments? (because I can't see getting people to get their own memberships working out quickly). Hmmmn, I'm also not to certain I can get the 28s for club membership from the school. I'll have to money to fund it myself after Christmas, so by then we'll have missed this year's season. Mostly my concern is just about how hard it would be to get everything sorted out. Give me a few more mini-tournements to organise and then maybe I'll think about taking on the bigger ones. (at the moment we're playing neaby clubs in friendlies).

Dave Hillier
-22nd November 2003, 13:57
If the club gets BFA affiliation does that mean all the club members can enter tournaments?

no it means that your club is insured for fencing on club nights. In order to enter a competition you need to be a member of the BFA (or equivilant) your self.

There is the option of only being an associate member but this means that you can only do county and regional comps NOT opens, nationals, internationals etc.

But junior membership is only 16 quid a year anyway so it isn't that much really.

see here for more info


Boo Boo
-22nd November 2003, 15:27
Should Aoife's club be meeting at all without BFA club insurance? That really quite worries me - kids (or anybody) fencing uninsured... Or will the fencing be covered by the school's insurance?

As Dave says, you each need individual membership to compete.

Aoife, the Regional U18s really aren't big or difficult: don't be put off by thinking that. Will you still be U18 next year - it would be a shame to miss the age group things (if you will nolonger be u18 next year).

Regional/county/age group events are definitely are definitely the best to get into first: they tend to be easier and more friendly. Invicta would be good - is easier than a lot of opens - too.


-22nd November 2003, 16:13
Originally posted by Boo Boo
Should Aoife's club be meeting at all without BFA club insurance? That really quite worries me - kids (or anybody) fencing uninsured... Or will the fencing be covered by the school's insurance?

What really worries me is that people get more worked up about the insurance than they do about the safety. Any club should be supervised, use appropriate safety gear and take care to ensure injuries are not possible. Insurance comes into play only after someone is injured, and that shouldn't happen in the first place.


Boo Boo
-22nd November 2003, 17:31
Well yes, safety is always the primary concern. But, no matter how careful you are (if your whole club wears FIE kit and the whole club uses marraging blades) you can still have freak nasty accidents...

This is not to say that you should worry about accidents (you have far more chance of being hit by a bus, or get struck by lightening playing golf, or get electricuted on a fishing trip...), but your club should have adequate insurance - surely? Or am I being overly niaive here?


-22nd November 2003, 18:48
Hvaing worried about insurance myself I've learnt that we're covered by the same insurance as the other school sports, like football, hockey, netball, trampolining, et cetera. (and in the last year we've had nothing more than a few cuts and a couple of 'inguinal' injuries... the trampoline people get far far worse than us, I've seen a few people taken away on bodyboards this year).

In order to enter a competition you need to be a member of the BFA (or equivilant) your self.

And herein lies a problem. I definitely want membership ASAP (but won't have the money until after Christmas unless I bug my parents for an early gift), and I can think of one other fencer at the club who does likewise, but if the coach wants anyone else coming he'll have a hard time pursuading them to get the membership.

I'll be 17 next year, so still able to enter the U18s.


Okay, I'll look into stuff. When are the SE U18 qualifiers then? If there's a little while I might be able to get something reader, at least for me, maybe one other fencer (if she wants). Oh, and who do I get in contact with if I want to enter? (I know where to get BFA membership, I've had a completed form for about two months :) )

-22nd November 2003, 23:54
Read my earlier post as it gives a location for the entry form and the date - they're in about eight hours for foil, but I'm sure the odd late entry will be OK.

Ideal first competition.

-23rd November 2003, 13:21
Ah. So I won't be entering anything this year then.

That sorted it.

-23rd November 2003, 17:02
HANG on a min - just looked at the site Rog gave the link for - the under 16/18 foil is NEXT weekend........30th.

So dear Aoife, check the site out and screw up the courage and ENTER, if i'm right. Go and dip yer toe in relatively shallow water. If you are still 16 on Jan 1st, tehr may even be the odd LPJS foil you can go to (i've not checked the site out, but the calendar will be up). I'd so much rather you slid into competition than leapt.

And if you don't qualify, well then you don't this year. But you'll have fenced people you've not met before and in a differnt venue and under competition circumstances. If you thought you were hooked already, you'll be even more so once the atmosphere of competition has grabbed you, I'll bet you a bean to a button !!

And just think of all those people you'll meet - even some who might come up to you and know you from here......!!!!

-23rd November 2003, 18:36
Blast - another week to payday.:upset:

-24th November 2003, 19:27
Well... I'll see if I can go. (there I was thinking I'd gotten away for this year).

Ta for clarifying it.

-24th November 2003, 19:35
Bad luck.

No not really Go For It!!!

-24th November 2003, 20:30
C'mon Aoife - make us proud of you - give it a go - just DO IT !!!!!

-24th November 2003, 21:59
I can't really not do it with you all cheering me on and such. I'll certainly give giving it a try a try (seeing if I can... if I can, I will).

As we speak I'm writing out a letter to my coach I can coerce one of my family to drop into school tomorrow (I'm on a trip... and anyway, considering the waxed legs I'm partly responsible for - Children in Need - will be rather uncomfotable tomorrow, he probably won't be too greatful to see me :grin: )

-24th November 2003, 23:09
Yay !! keep us informed !!