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-22nd November 2003, 13:02
I was wondering....

BFA insurance....

If you're injured whilst fencing, and they rush you to a hospital, and the doctors helfully cut you out of your kit to treat you.... does your BFA insurance cover replacing the kit? Or does the hospital cover that kind of thing anyway? Or are you just left with an injury and ruined kit? ( :upset: )

Just one of those niggling worries that came to me in the middle fo the night.

Any ideas?

-22nd November 2003, 22:45
Your BFA insurance covers any injury YOU cause, and not you being injured - that's down to the place/club where you were fencing and (hopefully) the person who caused you the injury. ANd the hospital pay for nowt. Need other insurance for kit.

Unless someone knows differently.............:rolleyes:

-23rd November 2003, 11:10
Personally, if I'd just had a near death encounter with a broken blade, I'd not be worrying too much about my kit...

-23rd November 2003, 13:13
I would!!! :grin:

(but then I'm a *little* to close to my fencing equipment :) )

-23rd November 2003, 15:20
Yes I have to say if I were rushed to hospital i wouldn't be too worried about the state of my lame....

Boo Boo
-23rd November 2003, 16:18
Your life and health are far more important than your kit... kit can be replaced, your life can't be.

Don't get too attached to your kit - it's disposable and will die sooner or later... :(

(who goes through a blade every 3 months, a lame jacket every 9/12 months, a jacket every 12 months, fencing shoes every 12 months and masks pretty regularly too.... :( ).

-23rd November 2003, 17:54
My previous concerns have always been cutting off motor bike leathers or designer clothes in A&E. I think about that usually for around 5 seconds then get out the large scissors.

My rule I'd rather save your life and then let you try and sue me for your clothes. (I dont think you would succeed)



-23rd November 2003, 18:13
i've had some of my leathers cut off in the past, good call.
glad they were there in the first place though.
besides you don't really need kit for quite a while afterwards if its been cut off you!:rolleyes:

-24th November 2003, 20:54
Rationally, I'd always say save my life.... but then my rationale was blown entirely by a 'wake-up-in-cold-sweat-Dear-God-they-cut-my-kit-up!' nightmare :grin:

who goes through a blade every 3 months

How? :eek:

My (second hand) sword has been going twice a week for nearly a year with me (and Lord knows how much before that). Not one of the blades here have broken since the club started just over a year ago. Do electric blades break quicker than dry?

Boo Boo
-24th November 2003, 22:40
I think that electric blades are less flexible - and, therefore, more likely to break - than non-electric blades, although I could be wrong...

I also train twice as frequently as you and do a lot more competitions. I may hit harder *ahem* than you too (but don't tell anyone... ;) ).


-26th November 2003, 09:34
I had a knightmare that for some reason I was holding both my foils on piste and they both just fell to pieces in my hands! I woke up and had to check on them straight away!:confused:

My electric foil doesn't seem to be as strong as my steam foil, it always seems to get bent out of shape at the slightest touch (LP France blade) but my steam foil can pretty much hold it's shape even if I do hit a bit hard sometimes (LP Etoile blade).

If I had a bad injury I'd be shouting "Get this kit off me now!" Although I might be a bit worried that they would cut me with the scissors at the same time as my kit.:oops