View Full Version : Veterans Commonwealth Championships, July 2009, Jersey

-10th November 2008, 15:08
This month's newsletter mentioned the Veterans Commonwealth Games that are being held in Jersey on 9th-12th July 2009. For anyone that is interested, I found the link to the event's website:


The site doesn't appear to be complete yet (the keep-me-updated link doesn't work), but it does have the key information for now.

-12th November 2008, 19:28
Thinking ahead.......is that the same weekend as the British Chammpionships. Does any body know?

-12th November 2008, 20:19
NVA National Championships are 6-8 March 2009:

-12th November 2008, 21:29
Marg is referring to the Senior British Championships, not the Veterans' Championships. The date for these is not yet fixed.

-13th November 2008, 07:25
Yes, I am and I have a horrible feeling they may pick the same weekend.

-13th November 2008, 23:35
I doubt that Steve would pick the same date as the Senior British Champs, and I sincerely hope that British Fencing would not plan to hold the Senior British Champs on the same weekend as the Commonwealth Vets.

I will have words with Steve and see if he can make sure there is no clash.

Hope it will be ok, I was quite enjoying the thought of watching a major competition a few miles from my home turf and getting some decent shopping and sunbathing in :grin:

Duncan Rowlands
-14th November 2008, 12:54
As the Vets CG was set ages ago & the senior British Champs haven't been announced yet it's not Steve that would be responsible for any clash, it'd be BF.

I really hope they don't clash as the BF champs would then be missing quite a number of its refs/organisers, as well as a few of its fencers.

-26th November 2008, 18:20
That's a good find RobertS.

Has anybody found a site for the Europeans in Hungrey yet ?


-26th November 2008, 21:27
Thought I heard that Senior Nationals were going to be in November but then I am old and my memory may be fading...

-27th November 2008, 06:28
Actually I think I picked up in a thread somewhere that it might be December. Surely with an event that size occupying a whole weekend a venue has already been booked. Does anybody know?