View Full Version : Does Anybody Use Breeches, Socks or Plastrons?

-23rd November 2003, 08:35
I have just started fencing and would like to know if any of you use Breeches, Socks or Plastrons? I don't think anybody at my club uses them and I wasn't sure how important they are.

Also are the bags with one or two pockets larger than the one without and if I order a complete foil and the blade or any other part breaks will I need a completely new foil or can I just replace that part?


-23rd November 2003, 09:04
Yup. You have to wear all three for electric fencing. I fenced in a small club for a long time and never saw any of the above being used. The rules say you have to wear them now though (electric only).

As for bags, what do you mean?
And foils are repairable bit by bit, e.g you can buy a new blade alone.

Hope you're enjoying it.

-23rd November 2003, 09:20
Originally posted by Clavious
I have just started fencing and would like to know if any of you use Breeches, Socks or Plastrons?

Plastrons should be compulsory.... i wouldn't fence without one

-23rd November 2003, 10:19

This link will take you to the changes being introduced in 2006 - where as Jambo says breeches/ socks and are required. Not sure what the 'current' regs are - down to club I guess, how they interpret the insurance. My club insists on 800N plastrons all round.

-23rd November 2003, 11:55
Thanks to everyone who answered. By bags I meant the cases you carry foils etc in.

-23rd November 2003, 13:05
Is it worth getting a case with one/two pockets rather than just a normal Allkit case?

-23rd November 2003, 13:25
Depends what you are using it for. The guitar bags are prob ok for a beginner with not much kit.

-23rd November 2003, 18:32
After a while you start carting more kit around - I'd go for a bag that could contain a mask and a couple of weapons. The guitar one should be fine.

All bits of any of the weapons are replaceable - some of mne are complete mongrels now in terms of where the various bits came from. Only the blades break - the other bits of a weapon pretty well last for either.

-23rd November 2003, 21:39
Hi Clavious,

do you fence at the Stirling club by any chance? If so, I'm one of those who don't wear breeches for club nights ;) - I joined the club earlier this year. Although it's not absolutely necessary for club nights, wearing a plastron is a good idea, to stop those little bruises if for no other reason.

If you're looking for a bag (as I am at the moment, by coincidence), the cheapest place seems to be gofence.com

As for ordering weapons, I think one of the coaches should be able to get you them for you at a slight discount.

I'm just starting to learn sabre at the moment, but if you fancy doing a bit of foil I'd be delighted to fence you :)


NLSC Sabreur
-24th November 2003, 11:59
In summer I often wear shorts whilst fencing sabre at NLSC.

I was at the Millfield fencing course and most of the fencers in my sabre group wore shorts some or all of the time whilst we were fencing non-electric or electric. And you know what? there was not one single problem or as far as I know even the slightest bruise on anyones legs.

Wearing shorts when fencing against wild swinging beginners means it's a good time to make use of attack on preparation and move out of range. I have been hit on the bare leg by a sabre cut and the effect was a small red mark that stung basically nothing compared most hard epee or even foil hits to fully protected areas..

Doobarz wrote "My club insists on 800N plastrons all round." Do you mean Bedford? Because most of the underplastrons there are definately not 800N (they might be one day but not now). If its hot at Bedford I don't wear my underplastron and I'm not the only one.

If I know in advance I am going to be fencing nasty, dangerous epee then its on with the 800N breeches, jacket and underplastron with 1600N mask.

Summer + Sabre + Shorts = fun

Epee +............... = fun?

-24th November 2003, 12:15
Originally posted by NLSC Sabreur

Epee +............... = fun?


:eyerise: :eyerise:

Though we've probably made the point about the canadian epee chicks being cute fairly well already...

-24th November 2003, 15:23
I always wear a plastron even if it's hot just for my own protection. I normally wear breeches and socks but that's only cos I have them. I know one person who only wears breeches when in a comp, apart from that he fences in shorts all year round.

When I'm at home over the summer I sometimes just wear shorts if it's too hot, and my coach there just says if u get injured it's ur own fault. The most I've had is a small (approx. 1/2 inch cut) on my leg from the tip of an electric foil.

If I did a silly weapon like Epee then I'd wear breeches and socks all the time but as I'm a foilist I can get away with not having to.

-24th November 2003, 15:32
I'd say that for a beginner - do not wear shorts. In fact, technically, for all fencers. If you are doing Foil or Epee then wear Tracksuit bottoms as a minimum - preferably wear breeches. I do Epee and always wear my breeches.

-24th November 2003, 16:11
i will at the very least always wear an under plastron, jacket and tracksuit bottoms. my reason for not wearing breaches? i want them to last loger. i sweat a lot cos i get really hot so all my kit gets drenched (all too literally). i dont want to wash the most expensive bits of kit every week if i can at all help it. i also dont want to smell. my plastron and jacket are only 350N each so i realise that in the reasonably near future i will have to change them. thus i always wear them and try to always wash them.


-24th November 2003, 16:38
We will not allow our youngsters (age range 7-17) to fence in shorts only breeches or training/jogging type trousers. Always insist that a plastron is worn for club training sessions etc. I will sometimes give a warm up lesson to a pupil not wearing a jacket but they will be hitting me and not vv. All depends on club rules and how safety aware you want to be.

-24th November 2003, 16:40
Originally posted by NLSC Sabreur

Doobarz wrote "My club insists on 800N plastrons all round." Do you mean Bedford?

Yes - I believe at the AGM the advice to all beginers is to be 800N plastrons, and as kit is replaced it will be 800N (CEN2) rather than 350N (CEN1)

Originally posted by NLSC Sabreur
Summer + Sabre + Shorts = fun

The thought of you in shorts will haunt me.... (institution, ha ha)

-24th November 2003, 18:07
I do go to the club in Stirling and would like to fence with you Jamie.

-24th November 2003, 21:06
Originally posted by Clavious
I do go to the club in Stirling and would like to fence with you Jamie.

Cool :) are you one of the fencers who has just started in the past few weeks?

Look forward to fencing you on Thursday! :foil2:


-26th November 2003, 16:01
Yes this will be my 4th week.