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-26th November 2008, 16:30
If a student only sabre novices competition were to be held on a Saturday afternoon somewhere in Leicestershire with excellent and easy access to the M1 and decent rail access, would people come to it?
We'd aim to have enough competent referees to handle it properly and a useful prize.
Does anybody outside Leicester train novices in the dark and mysterious ways of sabre?

Usual novice eligibility - not fenced for more than 2 calendar years and you at least know how to stand up, hold the weapon and which direction to go in.

Any takers? If there's enough interest I'll make it happen.

-30th November 2008, 21:25
There's been a little interest shown via PM. Anyone else?

-10th December 2008, 11:49
I imagine notts Uni would probably be represented by half a dozen or so

-10th December 2008, 11:53

-10th December 2008, 13:17
Individual. A team event could be bolted onto the end as an extra bit of fun.

-10th December 2008, 19:07
would irish fencers be allowed to enter / show you how to drink...?

throw the comp near to East Mids Airport and you might have a deal

-11th December 2008, 08:23
would irish fencers be allowed to enter / show you how to drink...?

throw the comp near to East Mids Airport and you might have a deal

Of course. Would somewhere in/near Loughborough be close enough to EMA?

Gangsta G
-11th December 2008, 13:30
Might have some interest from Birmingham in this.

-11th December 2008, 13:33
Will it just be open to students?

-11th December 2008, 13:42
that's what the man said in the first post!

-12th December 2008, 10:01
To summarise again

Student only
Next term
Somewhere close to East Midlands Airport and the M1, probably Loughborough (so reasonable train access)
Saturday afternoon
Open to foreign students (especially Irish)
2 years of fencing (any weapon) or less in order to enter
Team event after the individual
Competent referees

mendacious dog
-12th December 2008, 10:06
To summarise again

Competent referees

Heh. To really keep in with the spirit of the thing, you should only have officials that have been refereeing for 2 years or less. Or ones that referee like 2-year olds.

It'll make it interesting anyway...


-12th December 2008, 10:59
Looking at yonder calendar, the most sensible date to have it would be 14th March.

MD - while that would interesting and hilarious, I fear the competition might take forever and a day to complete.

Interest expressed by UCL, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester (obviously) and DKIT?

-15th December 2008, 18:59
I'm sure UCL would have a few people to send...

-28th December 2008, 00:41
i'm sure you;'d get interest from warwick/aston/staffs/cambs/northampton/lincoln/other unis within reach if you emailed them