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alec frenzy
-24th November 2003, 17:45
Well lads and lasses, don't be shy, what happend, who won, what results were there?

any off piste gossip?

-24th November 2003, 22:50
well for me the individual was s***e beyond all belief. scratched after first poule! i blame the rugby.

fantastic night out on the saturday. was so drunk. ended up with Stu Watson, myself, and Moby getting very drunk in an irish bar called the dubliner. were there til 4 am drinking the whole way. team event was much better, GBR - Laszlo's (myself, Paul Devenney, and Stu Watson) came 2nd. lost to Korea in final having beaten thailand in semi, ukraine in quarter, and sweeded in the 16.

after this we were very very tired got some food, were in bed by 1930 and slept for approx 13 hours!! came home today.

was a great weekend, and i even managed to go to the bank today and card back from the machine that swalloed it on the saturday night!

-25th November 2003, 15:53
Some of us were not back at the hotel until after 6am...

But then the same individual was not fencing in the team event.

Well done guys...

-25th November 2003, 17:08
sounds like a good result from the w/e was simply coming back alive!:drink: :sleep:

-26th November 2003, 06:42
The FIE Website has the results published (we got 2 L64 and 3 (?) L128) but there is a disclaimer saying the results are not valid - any idea why, or does it just mean the have not been taken into account for ranking yet?

-26th November 2003, 08:21
Results for top 8 are up on the FIE website
http://www.fie.ch/Competitions/ResultsList.aspx?Key=87094943FEA7D8F919468B71C5774 159

where did all the Koreans come from?

Olympic warm-up year?

-26th November 2003, 10:55
They were all good Koreans too, but nothing very special. The guy who won beat a Brit in the L32 (Paul Devenney), L16 (moi) and L8 (Stu Watson).

Coming back alive, whilst not having spent loads of money...

-26th November 2003, 11:17

where did all the Koreans come from?