View Full Version : U20 Womens A-Grade selection

terrible twins
-24th November 2003, 18:20
It has come to my attention that results of British Women Sabreurs at A-grades has been gradually decreasing. I am not saying that none of the fencers are bringing back results but that there are some that are not even getting hits in the first rounds of the pooles.

Should there not be some standard which all fencers should have reached before sending them to an A-Grade. For example Last 8 in a small open, or a last 16 in the nominated opens.

It is not giving GB fencers a good name abroad and giving the image of a weak nation.

I belive it to be a very expensive experience!

-25th November 2003, 12:30
From memory, certain of those not getting through the first round have made L4s of major opens on certain occasions.

Equally, the current WS U20 team is pretty young, with very few juniors, and the experience, even of going out in the poules can make cadet competitions seem easier.

Anyway, GB will look even weaker if we send teams of 2 or 3 to nearby A-Grades.

-25th November 2003, 18:40
I belive it to be a very expensive experience! [/B][/QUOTE]

Yes, I believe it is. I sometimes wonder if parents are aware that they are forking out money when the officials going on these trips know the kid hasn't got any chance of making points. And I suppose it is all about making points to get to the worlds, isn't it ?....Marg:confused: