View Full Version : BUCS master of arms?

aber ollie
-8th December 2008, 14:59
I was informed that on the wall at the individals there was a master of arms ranking. Does anyone have those results after the three weapons?

-8th December 2008, 15:57
Probably Alexander for the mens?
I think I saw Robynne Stenner at the top of the womens list at one point, but not sure that was the final rankings?

-8th December 2008, 16:05
David got 2x 3rd and a 23rd

Tris Rowcliffe got a 3rd a 7th and 13th.

I think that gives it to David. Great results for both- I think the best overall results to win MoA in recent times.

-8th December 2008, 17:45
Tris got it for the mens and Robynne got it for the girls.