View Full Version : Foil JWC - Bochum (WF) and Burgsteinfurt (MF)

-13th December 2008, 09:17
First round results:

Through are Philippa Mullins (4/6) and Catriona Sibert (3/6)

Out are Liz Ng (0/6), placed 80, and Natasha Thomson (2/6), placed 65. Unlucky.

84 started.

Philippa, seeded 18, has Gollan (GER) in the L64 and Catriona, seeded 50, has Luminet (FRA). If they both win, they meet next round.

Details are all on the Ophardt website here:

Pools for the MF at Burgsteinfurt are also up - only 77 fencers in that one.

-13th December 2008, 10:39
Both girls went out - Catriona 15-4 and Philippa 15-6.

Foilling Around
-14th December 2008, 09:21
Some real carve ups in the poules yesterday with 12 poules, 36 fencers had either 3 or 4 victories!

Foilling Around
-14th December 2008, 09:23
Looks like all of the boys got through the poules.

With 9 boys promoted out 60 it is amazing that only Peggs and Barwell meet each other.

Well done to Marcus as 3rd seed.

Foilling Around
-14th December 2008, 10:36
Fitzgerald, Robinson, Mepstead, Jefferies, Barwell all into the L32

Peggs went out to Barwell. Rosowsky out 14:15. Melia and Davis also went out.

-14th December 2008, 10:37
Husayn, James, Rhys and Ben out in the 64

-14th December 2008, 11:49
Jamie, Dan and Marcus out in the 32. Ed and Peter through to the 16.

-14th December 2008, 18:21
Peter 8th, Ed 12th.


-14th December 2008, 21:07
Well done Peter, Ed and the others!


Foilling Around
-14th December 2008, 22:04
The Men's and Women's Junior Rankings have been updated to include these events and the H&W from last weekend.

Most important mover is Marcus Mepstead, who has leapfrogged Husayn Rosowky into 3rd spot in the Men's Foil Rankings.