View Full Version : Student 5 Nations 07/08 Please Read!!!

-13th December 2008, 20:08
Hey guys, Last year Edinburgh Uni hosted the Student 5 Nations and unfortunately a large amount of expensive equipment went MISSING during that weekend from the club including:

2 brand new square red ALLSTAR SPOOLS with our label stickered on the bottom

and a whole set of small women's electric sabre kit: 2 leon paul masks and lames

All of these were labeled and we really need them back. As all uni clubs are strapped for cash, being down over 1,000 pounds is really not good. If you know of any whereabout or have any information, please email the club at: eufc.org.uk. The spools were last seen at the end of last season and the electric saber kit was last seen at the Championships at Sheffield. Thank you very much,

Lis Gernerd
Ladies' Captain
Edinburgh University Fencing club

-13th December 2008, 21:01
Please dont take this the wrong way as I do sympathise with your situation. But surely you would have known about this some time ago, how come it has took so long to let people know? If you had said earlier I think you would have had a better chance at finding them, I think that you are really going to struggle now. But I wish you the best of luck in finding them, its bad when people nick kit but even worse at a student event as we are poor enough!

-28th December 2008, 22:05
how come it has took so long to let people know?

Mostly due to folk being away over the summer break, and making sure that they weren't hidden in a kit room somewhere, had been picked up by mistake by other likely people.