View Full Version : Fencing on television

-25th November 2003, 23:09
OK, nothing too exciting, but Stephanie Cook, gold medalist in the pentathlon in the 2000 Olympics, was on the "Hand of God" program this evening on BBC 1. There were a couple of clips of fencing for a few seconds. Just thought people may be interested.

-26th November 2003, 09:22
Oooh I saw it!

(sadly I heard the word pentatholon as a passed the room, then went in to watch :rolleyes: )

-26th November 2003, 15:57
some of the old sets were not too bad especially if they were in a wooden cabinet. The newer widescreens mean you get in more footwork and as they are so wide you don't go off TV piste so often. However, the plasma screens are a joke-much too thin-

-30th November 2003, 09:59
If you want to see fencing on TV, move to Bosnia.

Okay, there is no fencing association here, and we fence each other or go to Croatia, but for some bizarre reason, fencing is the most popular sport in Turbo Folk music videos.....

It's pretty exciting, even though it means watching hours of endless Turbo Folk (too painful to describe, it's worse than it sounds).