View Full Version : contemplating return to fencing

-26th November 2003, 16:24

After a 20 year lapse from fencing ( '70s Morecambe HS, Lancaster & Morecambe - then early 80's Edinburgh Univ) am now motivated to get fit and am seriously contemplating picking up a foil again.

Seeking a friendly club in or around Aberdeen or Deeside. Scant info on web (local Uni club websites broken or gone away - or is it just that SF website is so unfinished?)

Anyone recommend clubs & advise contacts?

Thanks in advance...

-26th November 2003, 17:44
rgu fencing club meets at inchgarth community centre
tomorrow night(thursday)
20:00 - 22:00
although we do have a website it will only come up in google if you type "rgufencingclub"
the address is www.geocities.com/rgufencingclub
non-uni people are very welcome (im included in that having not yet left school)
depending on the turn out there should be a good selection of folk to fence, look forward to seeing you there.


pm me for more info