View Full Version : Crazy weird team comp!

-26th November 2003, 22:28
Every year Durham Uni host a 6 weapon team competition in February. This year we are trying to make it the biggest and best yet!!

Please find attached the information and entry form for this cometition.

If you want more information then please ask away on here, I am around quite alot (that's student life for you!), as are other members of the club.

It is always a laugh so please please come along!!


-26th November 2003, 22:41

As you have posted it in the general tournament section can we assume it is open to everyone (not just students). And can you provide a link to an unzipped version of the application form?


-26th November 2003, 22:46
Yes it is open to everyone.

Hopefully there should be a dutch team and maybe an irish team and the Navy are going to put in a team or two as well!

I tried to put on an unzipped attachment however it wasn't having any of it and this was the best i could do at the moment. Hopefully we shall have a copy on the uni website so I will post a link then.