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The KB
-21st January 2009, 10:36
Dear all,

I have lost my plastron and fencing jacket and I think it was misplaced at the BUSA individuals. If anybody knows of its whereabouts please PM me!


-21st January 2009, 11:13
Was your name written on it?

And a thread has been started with somebody to contact about lost property here - http://www.fencingforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11735

Odd Job
-21st January 2009, 14:25
Already been in contact,
I don't have the items


Gangsta G
-21st January 2009, 18:57
Have you contacted Nottingham Uni? Your AU should have contact details for their AU & sports centre.

The KB
-22nd January 2009, 09:47
Ok will do these things. It has my name sewn in the labels of both items.