View Full Version : I can't make it to ANY BUSA comps this season! ;'(

-27th November 2003, 12:09
Its terribel...

In keeping with lastyears general captain's policy of pulling out of all responsibility (me bitter? never!) we did not enter the BUSA league this year (despite ironically ending up with a better team that last year) and as we don't even have a captain any more (I wouldn't do it for love nor money, and bsides the AU prolly reckons i'm a troublemaker, again, I'm not bitter :mad: ) none of our novices are going to the Warwick Novices (which galls as we've won it 2 yrs in a row - men's anyway NO I'M NOT BITTER!!!!) and worst of all we're not gonna getto the Individ's in Notts :mad:

Sheesh! Let's hope i can make LUIF this year, cos if I don't I'm gonna become :scott1:

-27th November 2003, 12:45
hard luck

but you either take responsibility yourself for next time, or will sink into a mire of bile and spite

no use complaining if you ain't gonna do something about it yourself, mate!

-27th November 2003, 12:52
It's just that I no longer feel comfortable in my AU, and I've been far too busy with my final year to do any organising, but considerring I used to keep things tickin over nicely its sad to see all that hard work go to waste. I guess its the curse of uni clubs, every few years you lose all the "original" members, and if you don't get a real team spirit going the club will quite possibly fail with time.

If I'm bitter about anything its probably that, after 2 years of creating a great team spirit, where everyone pitched in and the club was beginning to feel like a real family, it happenned like all real families and a civil war erupted :(

Oh well, you live and learn, I just wish I was going to the indiv's, this being my last year and all...on a more positive note, who knows where the club will go in the future, after all it was once just 2 dudes hoping they'd get some new members this academic year, and they got me! :grin:

-27th November 2003, 13:25
fair enough

these things go in cycles - just concentrate on your finals, go to some individual comps when you can, and enjoy

team spirit is great (developed it when at Uni myself, and am trying with the Irish team) but at the end of the day it is an individual sport - you get out what you put in!

as for the BUSA individuals, giev the organisers a call, explain your situation, and you never know

good luck

Dave Hillier
-27th November 2003, 13:35
It won't be the same with out you Nev. Who will I be able to borrow a sabre lame from at the last minute now?

Uni clubs are only supposed to work for three years. The year that you join and are new and excited, then the year that you (and your mates) run it lastly the year that you sit back in a sort of elder statesman way and concentrate on your finals. Then you run away into the real world.

-27th November 2003, 13:48
...and when have I ever managed to be dignified, both on or off the piste :grin:
unfortunately its not quite working that way, all the 2nd years who shuold be running it this year seem uninterested of unsure of themselves, probably cos last year was a nasty shock for them, what with all the spite and bile going round...
I am however trying to encourage them, but hey, shit happens and we learn to wipe our shoes next time eh?