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-27th November 2003, 15:59
There are brands like pbt, Allstar, Blaise Freres, Leon Paul, Chevalier D'Auvergne, Paul France... And there is the rectangular blade and the Y blade. I have heard of V and cross section. Maraging blades sound good. Some are rigid and some flexible. Then there are the titanium guards... Which do you choose and why? What of the Lammet Blue from pbt?


-27th November 2003, 16:12
:hm: What exactly is the point of maraging blades in sabre? The idea of maraging steel is that when it breaks, it is smooth so that if you're hitting with the point, ie foil and epee, you don't rip into the opponent's jacket. That doesn't happen in sabre. Am I being a bit cynical in thinking that suppliers have come up with this idea to make more money (maraging blades are generally premium priced)? Or have I just missed the point?

As for preferred equipment, if it's light I'll have it

-27th November 2003, 16:46
It's nothing to do with the manufacturers - the FIE make the rules. And you can get just as nasty injuries with a broken sabre, when the jagged end bounces into a bit of somebody's body.

I don't know about sabre, but maraging steel foil blades are cost effective anyway - they last far more than twice as long, for double the price.

-27th November 2003, 17:00
I only meant the manufacturers are far as sabre is concerned - epee and foil I think are a must. Take the point, although when a jagged broken bit of a foil hits the opponent, it is normally propelled by a lunge so it's gonna hurt lots more! Maraging steel for sabre actually protects the poor referee's face - that's where the broken bits tend to fly to!

In terms of cost - foil and epee blades are more expensive to start with, so again it's more important for those weapons

What's the FIE said about maraging blades for sabre?

-27th November 2003, 17:11
Maraging Sabre blades are very difficult to make as they have slots cut down the blade. The steel is so tough it goes through many disk making it very annoying. I think all manufacturers would be done with them if they had the chance.
Also I thought maraging sabre blades were not manditary for sabre?

-27th November 2003, 17:18
Originally posted by Kingkenny

Also I thought maraging sabre blades were not manditary for sabre?

correct, tho they have to be S2000 (whatever advantage that is)

to be honest, all sabre blades break within 6 months - the likelyhood of a sabre piercing a jacket is pretty remote

you can get an S2000 sabre for 18 (12) from the continent - maraging sabre hardly give too much extra value.

I have 2 maraging foils (one LP and one Duellist) and swear by them. There is no huge difference between different Sabre blade brands - Duellist are very good (just make sure they are marked S2000 as they sometimes come without it), Allstar are also good.

-27th November 2003, 17:27
I broke an allstar sabre blade on an opponent last week and it went clean through his lame and was luckily stopped by the normal jacket.

S2000 is a standard of stiffness of the blade. It is there to avoid the really bendy blades that used to be around. Designed to stop flicking over the back of the mask and such like I think. Also it makes flick hits over the guard harder to get.

-27th November 2003, 17:44
There is a review in the "Euipment" section, top right cnr, which is to do with various blades including different types of metals. The stiff one, Sheffield an maraging. Don't you think maraging sounds safer and more durable! The less flexible ones are better for cuts ... it seems. Lammet Blue, is that maraging steel, does any one know?