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-27th November 2003, 19:03
I could not help but notice that Paul offers the new "Flickmaster" blade, which is available in three degrees of flexiblity. Has anyone had any experience with this blade? Would you consider experimenting with it? Does anyone consider it useful, or is it just "hype"?? (Sorry!) :grin:

-28th November 2003, 10:03
With the new proposals from the FIE, probably won't be useful for very long!!

On the other hand, this may mean that you can get some very good deals if Pauls try and sell them off quick!!

-28th November 2003, 11:14
had experience of a flickmaster- it hurt.

the guy I was up against (can't remember the comp, it was last year) made all his attacks flick to my sword arm.

yeah, could have parried - not my style.- I'm a sabreur. (only do foil to pass the time)

they break easier as well. (after ten strong hits- it snapped)

-28th November 2003, 12:45
Interesting. Actually I was wondering about their durability etc. I think I'll stick with conventional wisdom, whattyathink? Thanks for your speedy replies!:)

-1st December 2003, 11:25
The Flickmasters aren't new, they've been around for years. They're maraging (FIE) blades, and contrary to what Sophie says they'll still pass under the propsed changes - the changes reflect the fact that the blade must have a bend of no more than 1cm, and don't have any bearing on flexibility at all.

-2nd December 2003, 04:02
The blade will pass, you just wont be able to make the flick anymore cos the hit wont register under the new rules (in theory)