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-10th February 2009, 00:30
Two name changes are proposed for the AGM and neither are terribly good - no problem having domestic and international captains/ team managers / or egven performance directors - but "fencing officers" ?

The other proposal is to rename the NVAitself - fine - it really should have "Fencing" somewhere in the title, and there may be some problem with "Veterans" if it confuses with ex-servicemen, but not "Masters", please - I'm not that good a fencer and neither can I coach.

Foilling Around
-10th February 2009, 06:04
I would prefer "fencing manager" but I would not really care if it was "Fencing officer"

I do object to the "British Masters Fencing" however.

"Master" has the image of the best of the best. "The Masters Snooker" is a premier event. the "Master Tennis Tour" and the "Master Golf Tour" are invitiation tours for the top ex players. That is not the NVA's role in general.

Master also has the coaching connection within fencing. There is the World Fencing Masters Championship for coaches.

For all these reasons I think this should be re-thought.

-10th February 2009, 08:00
Totally agree with you both. I would have been most unlikely to join had the name been "Masters" and consequently missed out on lots of fun

-10th February 2009, 08:51
The use of the name "masters" was discussed/debated not so long ago - see
and rejected at the AGM
Having been rebuffed once I hope that any similar moved would receive short shrift.

-15th March 2009, 17:30
I believe that name change to "Masters" was defeated at the latest AGM by a 3-1 vote

-19th March 2009, 08:18
I believe that name change to "Masters" was defeated at the latest AGM by a 3-1 vote

It was, though the number at the AGM wasn't all that large.

It is a catch-22 situation, if you include the word "veterans" in your name then getting sponsorship is difficult. If you include the word "masters" then it puts off people who think it is for an elite group.

Something more neutral is required. SWMBO and I came up with British Fencing 4+. This links with the four categories and should also link in with some four attributes (that hopefully start with a P), such as "participate", "performance", "practice".

I leave it to the audience to decide a) whether this is a suitable name and b) a suitable set of attributes to sell it.

-19th March 2009, 10:33
Sounds suitably Maoist.

-19th March 2009, 11:14
British Fencing 4+?

Means nothing without extended explanation, and even then it's extremely contrived. However, keep hold of it - I'm sure you could get some lunatic committee somewhere to pay you a couple of million for a variant of it.

-19th March 2009, 13:41
3 words:

"British Veterans Fencing"

It is what it says on the tin!

-19th March 2009, 18:04
Old Gits Fencing is already taken (won a team event in God's own fencing for that team) so how about Association of Seniors in Fencers (AS IF), or Fencing Seniors Association (FSA), or British Senior Fencers (BSF), or British Vet Class (BVC), or 40 50 60+ (logo could be 4,5,6 and + around a 0), or Old Amateurs or Pros Association (OAP), or Twilight Fencing Union, or Fencing Fellowship, Fencing Fossil Fellowship (FFF) ....

(I'm having a feeling of deja vu)

-19th March 2009, 18:20
(I'm having a feeling of deja vu) ... or my suggestion from 2007; Senior Age Groups (SAGs)

Gangsta G
-19th March 2009, 18:58

-19th March 2009, 19:18
3 words:

"British Veterans Fencing"

It is what it says on the tin!

....but not on the tracksuits. There its just NVA. Getting sponsorship would be great but with Veteran in the title its impossible . The reputation of GB Veteran fencers has grown with their results but to people and organisations outside of fencing Veteran means OLD.
I don't have an answer though.

-20th March 2009, 07:24
but with Veteran in the title its impossible .

Doesnt that depend on where you target for sponsors? There is a whole industry catering to older people Stannah Stairlifts, Saga holidays etc to name but two. (June Whitfield with a sabre?...:sabre2: ). Older people are a growing group as the baby boomers get older new markets will develop and could see more call for the active older person as a promotional representation of their products.

late starter
-15th April 2009, 22:34
British S & M Fencing
(Seniors and Masters)
This one led to an interesting discussion at the annual dinner :-)