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-29th November 2003, 17:03
Big tourny tomorrow.... what oh what should I have for breakfast?

(I have the feeling my usual 'couple of Penguin bars' isn't a good idea)

Dave Hillier
-29th November 2003, 17:10
personally I favour a nice big fry up but I don't think that they are generally recomended.

As long as you have something with a fair bit of energy in it it shouldn't matter. The important thing is to remember to keep drinking water through the day most people also eat bananas, jelly babies or similar for energy.

-29th November 2003, 17:22
My coach recommends 'glucose tablets' for the day... though I don't see why Mars Bars aren't just as good. Or better yet- pure Royal Icing! Mmmmn!

What I'm unsure about is whether to have a 'hearty' breakfast to keep me going, or somehting lighter so I don't feel bloated and weighed down? Something with a lot of water so I'm hydrated, or a little water so I'm not carrying it around with me?

-29th November 2003, 17:37
Eat a decent breakfast, chances are you will miss lunch. Then lots of water, energy drinks, jaffa cakes (or jelly babies etc) between rounds.

PS good luck!!

-29th November 2003, 18:30
See the 'fitness for fencing' forum. Avoid a really big breakfast otherwise you'll be bogged down ( bacon sandwiches are pretty good though). I tend munch energy bars and take a glucose concentrate immediately before the start of the pool.

Bananas are recommended - (or jaffa cakes :) ). Remember to take planty of water based - Lucoade Rehydartion or Science in Sports Go - after much experimentation, I've found their stuff to be slightly better than the others. The energy bars are supposed to contain sugars that are easier to digest than the Mars bars, although I don't think there's much in it.

Most venues have drinking fountains (except where the Welsh Open is held), if you don't want to lug the water around with you - take a beaker to fill up the water bottle. Note that the electrolyte (=rehydration) drinks are different in efffect to the isotonic (=energy) drinks (Lucozade Sport, SiS PSP22).

Serious caveat - this is what I do, it seems to work for me, but I'm not an expert in these matters. and that the usage/ effcetiveness of sports drinks is subject to much deabte. At the end of the day, it's what works for you. (And tea, a Mars bar and a bacon butty also works for me).

Good luck, enjoy yourself and don't be fazed by anybody's reputation or 'go-faster' stripes.

-29th November 2003, 19:14
Good luck, enjoy yourself and don't be fazed by anybody's reputation

Luckily I know no fencers in my age range in the area at all (other than a girl from my club who's going too)!

For rehydration- what about cucumber? I think cucumber sticks make a fantastic snack (for most of last year I had cucumber, carrots, and yellow peppers for lunch). My friend's bringing a load of bottled water and snacks, I'm bringing snacks and glucose tablets, we're going to share them out.

Might just have a few petit pain au chocolat brekkie. Mmmmn. But a bacon sandwich sounds tempting too!!!

-29th November 2003, 21:32
Good luck, Aoife. Maybe a bit late now, but pasta the day before is good.

-29th November 2003, 22:07
good luck in the tourney

im in one too tomorrow - must be a popular choice of day:)

as for brekky - i tend not to have anythin, i spose i best tomorrow so i dont pass out or somethin stupid like that...........

-29th November 2003, 23:51
Originally posted by Aoife

For rehydration- what about cucumber?

I suppose you could slip them in with teh bacon. :)

-30th November 2003, 00:03
if you see this before you go - eat carbs for brekkie, keep the fluid intake up all day, and eat within 2 hours of your last fight. Warm up and down.

give 'em hell and enjoy yerself !!:) :)

Let us know how it went asap.:grin: :grin:

Boo Boo
-30th November 2003, 02:46
Ok I have a feeling this is WAY too late...

I think that what that knowing what is right for you to eat before and during competitions only comes with experience: different things work - or work badly - for different people.

Personally I like a good solid breakfast (i.e. cooked with toast, juice and coffee - probably everythign that ideally you shouldn't eat... ;) ) a couple of hours before competing. I don't eat much during competitions and probably wont have anything reasonable until after I am knocked out. So I need something solid to keep me going through the day.

During the day I normally live on jaffa cakes (or sometimes power/lucazade bars), 3 or 4 500ml bottles of isotonic drinks and probably 3 or 4 litres of water...

Some people are fine and eat sandisches/chips during their competition. Others eat bananas, dried fruit and nuts etc.

If I was you, I would take a variety of things and see what you feel like. Try to eat something (although not too soon before you fence) and drink small amounts frequently.

Also agree with Mantis - I like pasta the day before a competition. I like Chinese food after a competition, but that's completely irrelevant... :)

Agree with PM1 - make sure you warm up, stretch and then warm down and stretch afterwards. Ask someone for a warm-up fight before the competition starts too (to help warm-up and get your movement and point control working).

Good luck and tell us all about it when you get back :)


-30th November 2003, 15:22
I didn't need much during the comp, there weren't very many fights in my group. I had a bacon sarnie for breakfast, but couldn't manage it all, because it was too early for my tastebuds to have kicked in (about 5.30). Once we'd picked up the other fencer and our coach it was nearly 7.00, and shortly after that we all indulged on the nutrious caffine and chocolate breakfast my dad had packed (well, Pepsi and Twixes... Twixi... erm, what ever the plural of Twix is)

We had glusoce tablets, but needn't need them... tried one on the way back to see what they could do- kept us awake a bit I think :)

On the way back I felt in real need of a mild curry, and the other fencer in need of a Pizza. We found a place which did both (and a fry up and roast chicken with chips for my Dad and my coach).

I never even got round to my yummy cucmber, cellery, carrot, and pinneapple salad... which I'm eating now! :grin:

I'll explain about the tourny on a seperate thread, as I'm greedy and want to take up lots of space talking about myself :rolling:

Cathdein- hope you did well in yours!

-30th November 2003, 16:53
well i set my goal as not coming last

won 1 and lost 3 in the first poule
same in the second

and then got knocked out in the direct elimination 15-5 by the person who went on to win the tourney.

final ranking 21 out of 27 so I'm happy, was 13-2 in the de and managed to get up to 15-5 before two stupid mistakes let him win

ah well - he was going to anyway but i'd have liked to scored a few more :grin:

still was great fun and thats the main reason i went.

-30th November 2003, 18:02
It's the best reason to go- if it's not fun, why bother? Winning is an added bonus if you manage whilst doing somethign you love!