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-30th November 2003, 04:53
All you coaches out there might want to know that there are some rich Americans willing to pay $100/hr to "a private lesson with safe sabre swords".

That's what it said on page 6 of the online brochure at:


Prices? Listed at:

Then again they are paying over $6000 for the week! Hey Norman G you are in the wrong business doing camps for kiddies for 200 a week!

-30th November 2003, 11:01
SSSHHHHHH!!!!!! don't tell him THAT......:o :o

Pointy stick
-30th November 2003, 14:26
Originally posted by ChubbyHubby
"a private lesson with safe sabre swords".

I thought in the land of the free it was unwise to call anything safe, because that left you open to litigation. "He said it was safe and I broke a finger nail, gimme a million Dollars!"

Are sabres safe then? 'Cause foils can fetch you a nasty whack.

-30th November 2003, 14:36
I'm leaving the country! (No, I am NOT a rich American!) Actually, I find that repulsive & self-indulgent! (Okay, I'm off my soap-box and heading to the Fencer's Club now) I need to beat somebody up with my "safe" foil!:mad: