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-1st December 2003, 13:28

Finally got around to registering after lurking here for a while.

Did anyone notice that "The Sword" was the guest publication in the missing words round on Friday's edition of Have I Got News For You?



-1st December 2003, 13:51
Welcome to the forum. See the thread on "Funny Fencing" in the "Forum Announcements" section for posts on Have I Got News For You.

Pointy stick
-1st December 2003, 16:31
I had a rare opportunity to watch TV on Saturday and made a point of watching Have I Got News For You? The guest publication round is usually a bit flat. This one particularly so. I don't think there were many fencing-related comments at all.

Will Self's wit was rapier sharp, though, and I couldn't help seeing Hislop's bumptious little face as a target area for a sabre guard, so there was some fencing-relevance.