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jon mason
-29th April 2003, 13:14
what's the best (easily available, high st etc..) glue to use to fix epee wires into the groove of the blade with?

-29th April 2003, 15:17
is this a lightning repair or a take it easy, as much time as you want re-wire?:)

jon mason
-29th April 2003, 15:35
i'll have both your options
thanks :cool:

Dave Hillier
-29th April 2003, 15:37
superglue or if you are in a hurry then superglue.

Just make sure you clean the blade well.

-29th April 2003, 15:54
I agree, you must clean the blade thoroughly.
and the tack down the first 10mm with superglue. This makes sure you don't pull the wires out of the tip when you tension the blade and the wire
I've started using Loctite 4850 which is a flexible superglue. You'll
need to find someone with an RS catalogue or find a wholesaler, however it ain't cheap.
Paul's use a resin which they sell, I hav'nt payed the tenner to find out what it is.
Maybe Barry could tell us?:)

-29th April 2003, 18:53
I find if you tension the blade first then lay the wire in and securing the end with tape works quite well, if you've taken the time to clean the blade the wire should site just fine in the groove.

jon mason
-30th April 2003, 07:50
thanks Hudson, Dave & JASB, I shall heed your advice
Cheers :cool: