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-1st December 2003, 14:51
I'm in the market shopping for one, and I have found a few Negrini's that do seem fair but 2 things worry me a bit. The size of their wheels (they look darn small to me, as if somebody took it of an office chair for newcomers - they usuall get the worst chairs lol) and the overall size. In the description part the length is stated as 110 cm. Isn't that too small? What is the usual length of a rollbag? Phuh....



-2nd December 2003, 03:44
Most rollbags I've seen have tended to be a touch bigger than that. Tho I'm not exactly sure. Can anyone from LP confirm how long their bags are?

-2nd December 2003, 09:02
No barry could. :o

Barry Paul
-2nd December 2003, 15:42
the Leon Paul long bags and the wheelie bags are 45 inches long ( 1140 mm) however we have design them to fit in most car boots by leaving the last 5 inches (125 mm) flexibly. This means the bag is capable of being squashed into most car boots and allow several bags to be carried in the same boot. Many other wheelie bags are 46 inch plus long if the solid handle is included, these don't fit easily many british car boots. Barry Paul

-2nd December 2003, 17:47
I've got an Allstar rollbag and it has to go on the back seat of the car - wish I'd gone for a LP one now! Though they might not fit in the back of my titchy car.

Otherwise the Allstar bag is fine for me.

-2nd December 2003, 23:06
I thought the LP bags were bigger than that. But then to me <----> this is 12 inches ;)

-3rd December 2003, 13:25
Dear guys,

thank you very much for you replies and especially Barry. I'll PM you for details.