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-20th March 2009, 09:04
Hi peeps,

I am sure by now that you have recieved the email requesting volunteers in forthcoming Youth/Cadet World Championships in Belfast. Naturally you will all be eager to help out so it is in this spirit that I come to you. I also want to make sure that a major tournament held within our realm will be successful. So saying I am considering travelling out on Sunday 5th or Monday 6th of April by ferry and would like to find some people to share the cost with. The journey will start in York driving to Liverpool, ferry across to Belfast where the event is being held. I have not yet fixed on a return date; I am intending to drive back to London. The cost so far is Ferry ticket to Belfast 150 GBPs, accomodation is 32.50 GBPs per night (of course I am sure we can find somewhere cheaper), and petrol costs. The organisers have said that breakfast lunch and dinner are included, other than that it is up to us. I can comfortably fit five more people with luggage or six at a squeeze. So if there are any adventurous people out there who fancy a trip to Northern Ireland then let me know.