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-3rd December 2003, 11:24
As many of you will know, Glasgow West End Fencing Club lost all of its kit due to a fire (see http://fencingforum.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1229). We are looking at several options to raise money to help us buy more kit, find a venue, etc, etc. One suggestion was to have a sponsored fencing event, a 24 hour fencing relay.

Have any of you been involved in such an event before?
How was it organised (eg rotating shifts of x number of fencers)?
Was there much cash outlay and did you make much money?



-3rd December 2003, 11:54
I have been involved in this sort of thing - not fencing, but other sport. We secured ourselves a free venue - if you do this, cash outlay will be minimal. The more fencers, the better, because when we did it, individuals secured their own sponsorship for number of 1/2 hours played (we did running, cycling and rowing in a gym). The more fencers, the more mums, dads, brothers whatever to lay out sponsorship. Also get your sports desk at the local newspaper onside as soon as possible - find out what type of photos and information suits them and make one good contact so that you can get as much stuff in the paper as possible. If fencers involved have their own kit, the cash outlay should therefore be minimal

-3rd December 2003, 12:10
Joe Gibbons (Salle Joseph ) has run one evry couple of years since sports aid - I've done two. The school gave the hall for free and LP lent kit for the two main pistes which are kept going throughout the event (in blocks of six minutes - you usually end up fencing evrey hour/half hour depending on numbers)). Usually about 5,000 is raised. There are other pistes as well for teh odd additional bout / match, and a couple of coaches give lessons but donate their fees. You probably need at least twenty fencers at any one time.


-3rd December 2003, 13:51
A few tips from my side. As event management is what I do, I might be able to help you a bit.

1) Invitations - invite as many fencers & sports companies (in some firms they have their own sports teams, like Ernst & Young) as possible & make sure they bring their own colleagues family, friends etc.

2) Items - sell T-shirts, popcorn, drinks & similar stuff at "affordable" prices

3) Make sure that everybody who will work at the venue volonteer and really do their best

4) Display a few "charity" boxes for coins at various places (e.g. next to the places where you sell something

5) Find a young but talented artist still at college who is willing to draw a few nice sketches of fencers and donate them for the good cause. He will have a display and you will sell the pictures

6) Write a nice letter and ask for donations from major banks, law firms, or companies"in good standing" that are known to support sport in the community

7) Ask the Mayor to be the tournament Patron - it makes it more serious

8) Ask a local radio station to be the media sponsor - they get to display their logo on invitations and they report and advertise the tournament

9) Organize fencing lessons for "beginners" e.g. for x amount of money someone's dad gets the chance to fence for a few minutes

10) At the end sit on the floor and count the money you've earned

This is what I could think out of my head. If I get any other ideas, I'll let you know.

cheers & good luck


-4th December 2003, 11:21
Thanks for all your advice. We've got a lot of ideas for fundraising so we're just trying to investigate and see which would be the most viable. I'll let you know how it goes.


-4th December 2003, 14:39
Heya Katie

So chuffed to see that GWEFC is really getting things sorted. :)

A wee point - Find out about the club's status in terms of raising funds. In particular, things such as charity collection boxes can cause some problems if the club is not legally allowed to do so.

I know Chucky was making a few alterations to the constitution, so that GWEFC could register as some particular type of org (not a charity, but some type of community sports club). Check on the Scotland Inland Revenue website - under Charities, etc.

Best of luck with everything!

Nxx :grin: