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-3rd December 2003, 15:56
Just a quick hello from a newly signed up member.
been fencing 2.5 years only(!) - and a late starter!
Mostly epee, bit o' foil and an occaisional slash with a sabre when feeling brave or sadistic!
Nice forum!

-3rd December 2003, 17:50
Hello and welcome.

Don't sxpect all that much sanity here.

But every now and again you may get a sane answer

-4th December 2003, 07:47
Thanks for the welcome!

-4th December 2003, 16:08
Hey Fox

So you one of Tarmac's cronies then? What's happened to him?! he's gone all quiet lately. Was it something we said? Or made him drink..?

-4th December 2003, 21:30
helo hello...greetings!!! lotsa lovely people here
now, who are you???got a feeling its Roy...
And hey peanut.. how ya doin? i've been tied up at work recently so haven't had much chance to get on the forum...

-4th December 2003, 21:58
welcome Fox !! enjoy the view..........good to have you aboard, especially another epeeist Yay !!!

-5th December 2003, 04:49
Rahhhhhhhh fresh meat :grin:

<men in white coats come to carry Moose away>

-5th December 2003, 14:21
now, who are you???got a feeling its Roy...

Nope, incorrect guess!

Tarmac "Floor Impaler", who are you? If that was "Foot Impaler" I would guess Cheryl!

Fox=Dave by the way!
Cheers:grin: :)

-8th December 2003, 16:20
ahhh dave.. would've been second guess.:tongue:
cheryl is the impaler!!!
i'm not so much as a floor impaler as the bloke who ends up hitting walls, foilists who get in the way, doors, small children etc... John.. in other words - not coach John, other john - i'll see you tonight anyway!!:grin: