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-29th April 2003, 14:24
Since no-one else is posting to this bit of the forum I thought I'd be a trendsetter, and ask - where's the next Senior Worlds being held?

If it's not too far away then a cheap flight over may be in order, as I need to buy a lot of new kit. And it'd make a good holiday!

Boo Boo
-29th April 2003, 14:32
Havanna, Cuba.

Not cheap cheap, but not bad prices for the Caribbean...

You could watch some fencing, buy some kit and spend a week on the beach afterwards...


-29th April 2003, 14:34
the cadet and junior worlds are gonna be in bulgaria next year....wooooooooooo.

-29th April 2003, 14:58
Don't think I can afford a Caribbean holiday this year on my salary! I wish, though.

I'm kinda getting into the habit of watching big events now - I've spectated at the Junior Worlds and the Junior Europeans, both in Keszthely - I just always seem to be in Hungary when something big's on :-)

I have to say, everything runs pretty well at Hungarian comps. Having watched loads and competed in a coupl, they always seem to run with minimum fuss, even though they're usually short on working kit, most of the smaller (read: 100 entrants or less) comps are run on paper rather than computer, and they DON'T CHARGE FOR ENTRIES!

They just run well. Much like the clubs. Fencing in Britain really makes me wish I was still in Budapest :-(

Boo Boo
-29th April 2003, 15:18
Time to change employer or win the lottery I think! ;)

Lucky you, getting to spend some time in Hungary: must have been very interesting :)


-29th April 2003, 15:28
It was. I was out there for 8 months after I graduated, doing nothing much except fencing, spending my savings and having a good time.

Amazing how it improves your fencing - but it's also amazing how three months unemployed and six months too poor to fence when you get home ruins it all again :-)

Boo Boo
-29th April 2003, 15:35
You definitely need to work on that lottery win....


-1st October 2003, 12:35
Does anyone know what the television coverage will be? When will it be on Eurosport?

-1st October 2003, 12:51
Eurosport, every night going from the 6th of October. someone posted all the dates on an off piste thread.
You can also check Eurosoprt schedule.

-1st October 2003, 12:58
Eurosport have to have one of the most unfriendly schedules I've ever seen. They are also the most unreliable.

6/10 00:45 Fencing World Championship
7/10 23:45 Fencing World Championship
8/10 01:00 Fencing World Championship
9/10 23:00 Fencing World Championship
10/10 01:30 Fencing World Championship
11/11 23:45 Fencing World Championship

For what it's worth times are CET.

-28th October 2003, 21:42
In 2004 the Senior European championships are in Copenhagen, the Junior and Cadet worlds in Plovdiv in Bulgaria and the Seniors are the Olympics in Athens and the Junior Europeans are in Portugal.


-28th October 2003, 23:55
copenhagen you say?? hhmmm that closer than cuba i'll have to try and get tickets for next year!!:grin:

-31st August 2004, 16:43
Ta for the info on Hungarian comps. Do you know if there are any comps happening here soon?

Did you go mainly to Honved? And did you go to a club in the centre of town (by Kossuth Lajos)? I think there's another one by our flat, but I have no idea about it.

We've just moved into our permanent flat and I'm in Poland this week, so we haven't started fencing or doing anything useful yet... (lying around in thermal baths...).

-1st September 2004, 08:41
Hi Nats.
I trained mainly at Honved (a three weapon club, best at ladies foil, mens epee and womens sabre)

For foil, the best club is MTK, but there's also UTE (which if I recollect correctly is the one beside Kossuth Lajos).

There's some foil, and a lot of sabre, at Vasas on the Buda side.

-1st September 2004, 20:48
Dear All,

In 2004 the Junior Europeans are in Portugal. In 2005 the Senior and Junior Europeans are in Hungary and the Junior and Cadet Worlds are in Austria and the Senior World in October 2005 in Leipzig.


-15th September 2004, 23:33
2004 the Junior Europeans are in Portugal

When do the the invitations go out?

-17th October 2004, 12:37
so is there any dates or times for the 2004 copenhagen seniors??? have scowered the euro sport web site and theres nothing:(

-17th October 2004, 22:36
the european seniors in copenhagen were in the summer

-17th October 2005, 13:20
Senior Worlds 2006 will be held in turin september 2006

-17th October 2005, 13:47
sorry so excited we had it I forgot to put the website address up.

-17th October 2005, 18:52
Hey Rory,

Where are the best comps to go to in Hungary? I'm just starting to get my finger out (after a year here), and I'm planning on going regularly now. I'm thinking I'll give it a few months to overcome 2 years of inactivity and stop smoking before I start competing, though.

Honved was taken over by West Fifers tonight. There were more Scots than Hungarians and some interesting attempts at communication. It was nice to fence some Scots again, though.

When did you move to Manchester, by the way?

-18th October 2005, 08:56
As I recall they only hold about 4 or 5 "circuit" comps a year that count for their national rankings. There's one at BVSC, one at MTK, one at Torekves, and one somewhere else :)

Or at least that's how it used to be.

Moved to Doncaster a couple of months ago so Vicki could get a job - I work in Harrogate (an hour to the north) and drive an hour and a half to fence in Manchester twice a week. Basically I live in my car now!

Adam Blight
-29th September 2009, 09:48

People might be interested to know that British trained fencer Iris Rau will be fencing in the World Champs in Antalya as well. Iris fences for Taiwan and I am going as the Taiwan coach. Leading up to this Iris has been doing a lot of training in Hungary, some of this with both the Hungarian and German National squads, so hopefully this will pay of. Also in November we have the Asian Championships, Iris was 9th last year so an improvement on that would be nice.


Foilling Around
-29th September 2009, 09:59
Gi Iris, Go Iris yahoo!!!!!!!! So I suppose you won't be at Sheffield on Thursday!!

-29th September 2009, 10:03
Gi Iris, Go Iris yahoo!!!!!!!!

I second that!