View Full Version : Public Schools Dates? Rumors Of Change..

NoT V gOOd!
-4th December 2003, 19:15
I have heard some rumours that the date of public school has been changed as the National Sports Centre is being knocked down.

Firstly is this True?

Secondly. If it is thank the Lord cos they were clashing with my French GCSE Orals and i didnt wanna miss the orals.

Can some1 please tell me if these rumours are true and when they are being held instead.

Barry Paul
-4th December 2003, 21:05
Not sure which way round 24 25 26 feb to from 23 24 25 march. Official anouncement will follow on site. Barry Paul

3 Card Trick
-4th December 2003, 21:19
Yes, the date has been changed. Official Emails were sent today.

Officially is now last week in Feb, 24th - 26th.