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-5th December 2003, 20:41
Hi everyone. I guess I should introduce myself then...
Well, my name is Matthew, I'm 17 and I have been fencing foil for about three months. My ultimate fencing goal is to get my picture on the Leon Paul Team page (it's never going to happen...) and to get a spiderman mask like the one Laurence Halsted has on the same page. I don't know if any of you guys have seen it, but it's really cool.
In my spare time I am learning to drive and I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon when I'm older.

-5th December 2003, 21:17
Hi Matthew - one spiderman is enough, thank you.....you can aspire to be like him if you must, but be original too !!!

Have faith in yourself and enjoy the forum: these comments are probably the sanest you'll get....................:grin:

-6th December 2003, 08:25
Hi, welcome.

Cardiothoracic surgeon?? Good stuff, what med schools you applied for?

Boo Boo
-6th December 2003, 11:20
Wow - sounds as though you have a lot of work ahead fo you over the next few years.... :)

Still, it is great to see someone with challenging ambitions - good luck :)


-7th December 2003, 03:44
I once decided to challence myself, so I became a layabout and board troll :grin:

-8th December 2003, 11:49
Hi Matthew, I joined the forum 2.

I'm Nic, 16yrs old, I've been fencing for about a year now, but since Matthew joined our club things finnaly started getting competitive again. The spiderman mask rocks!!! :sam: (cool smilies!)

-8th December 2003, 21:10
Ooooh more new peeps :)

-10th December 2003, 15:01
ooooo, fresh meat! hehe!