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-7th December 2003, 19:08
How about changing the photos on the LPJS website ?? Lovely to see Halstead and Kruse, but how about this season's winners being up on the LPJS board ?? Names of the series winners didn't even go into the competition brochure for this season (or The Sword, I seem to remember), and it is surely a good move to show this additional support to the youngsters.

C'mon Barry - what do you think ??? I know I have an interest here, but it takes a lot to motivate teenagers sometimes, and even a little bit of encouragement goes a very long way. We mention the series whenever we do a press shot, too.

Anyone agree/have a view ??:rolleyes: :grin: :grin:

-7th December 2003, 19:50
Sounds fair to me. I appreciate having Kruse/ Halsted up there (look at the humble beginnings of these two....) but the current champs should get recognition - so long as the relevent permissions have been sought of course!

-7th December 2003, 20:15
think there's any money in taking pics at these events(not just youth but the others as well) and supplying them to websites/clubs/parents etc. only thinking about enough to cover travel and film, and i am aware that for youth events that permission would be a problem.


-7th December 2003, 21:08
Permissions, indeed !!! Working on this. In fact, there will be a proviso for the BYC's - as I understand it, essentially, there will be an opt out provision, in that if people DON'T want their little Johnnies photo taken, they should tell the comp organiser, and any photographer needs to be registered at the comp. I have also asked for a provison to be put into the LPJS comp calendar too (spoken to Simon).

Also, Cadet boys epee now know that it is expected that the weapon captain will be wandering about with his camera (as will others) taking photos for record/press purposes, even when eating their pizzas in Italy etc, and the boy's parents sign a permission slip for trips abroard.

It's an opt out system essentially.

And you could always see about being official photographer at a comp or 2 (when KK isn't there). Might be dosh to be made, who knows. I'm not allowed to photgraph my boy when he's fencing.....and I'd rather be watching/pacing 2 pistes away anyway.:o

-7th December 2003, 21:09

-7th December 2003, 21:12

-7th December 2003, 21:19
cool i'll look into it



-8th December 2003, 13:23
If I get pics before the end of the week then I can add them to the booklet. If not then it will stay the same.

-8th December 2003, 18:28
er -as the epee doesn't finish until this Saturday, what then ??? Shall I be presumptious (perish the thought.....) as boy isn't competing at the Whitgift (much as I'd like to, got to save some money somehow).:( :(

-8th December 2003, 21:36
If this is a stupid question please forgive me, but I do not know.

Where do you get the booklets about the LPJS from as I would like a few to hand around our pentathlon club?

I am not going to Whitgift (son banned as selected for swim team in evening!!)

Many thanks

-8th December 2003, 22:58
We usually pick them up at the first comp of the year (the details are up on the site now), but I'd have thought there might be some at the shop in the not too distant?? Or contact Simon Trinder - again, his details are on the site.

And it's not a stupid question !!

I've said it before, but it amazes me how these pentathletes fit it all in, as well as sleeping/eating/being........