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-8th December 2003, 13:19
So who does make the best foil tip? I read LP acknowledge their inferiority and assuring that an improved one is on its way; and most of my club members tend to agree that the German ones stink; so whose are the best?

-8th December 2003, 17:17
LP are just starting to use them on their new foil blades.

They are much better than the old ones;) . They are fully stainless and the point has a longer bearing/contact surface.
The grub srews are now hardened, so they souldn't get damaged quite so easilly. So I guess the new points are pretty good.

Unfortunately they are not quite as smooth as the german tips, but at least they won't get dented. For me, the new LP points are serrious alternative to the german tips.

Barry kindly let me have one of the new points on a kind of test run. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to fit on my BF blade, but I'm assured that it will fit. I've not yet seen a BF blade with the new point. It will be interesting to see what happens when LP try to fit them!!!!

I guess I'll have to carry on using the german ones for a while. "CLICK". Or at least that's the case until they get dented. The new LP tips aren't quite so smooth as the german ones. I think partly due to the surface finish and tolerance of fit.

Pay your money and take your choice. Both types have their advantages.

I hope that's fair? and in the good spirit of this forum.

-8th December 2003, 17:20
I'm very sorry, when I said that LP are just starting to use "them" on their new blades. I forgot to mention that "them" refers to LP's brand new foil tip.